10 tips to prepare for CBSE Class X Board exams  

CBSE Class X Board exams

Hope you all have rung in New Year with much zeal and happiness. With barely three months left for CBSE Class X board exams, the party time seems to be over. Since board exams have come back after a gap of 8 years, both students and parents are a tad bit worried about it. Read more to know how to minimise the hurdles you may face before and during the exam.

  1. Cover the NCERT books thoroughly

It has been repeatedly observed that more that 90% of the questions in the exam are picked from the prescribed NCERT books. Going through NCERT books is a must for all the subjects. Study the topics from the books in and out.

  1. Solve previous year papers and sample papers

Sample papers are of great importance when it comes to preparing oneself to handle the exam well. This step will help you understand how prepared you are for the examination. Analyse your attempted sample papers to identify your strengths and weaknesses, improve them and accordingly devise an effective exam strategy.

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  1. Make a study time table and set up goals on a weekly basis

Formulate your own timetable and allot due time to each subject. Devote more time to weaker areas. Set up achievable goals on a weekly basis and analyse your performance at the end of 7 days. Make sure not to deviate from your goals as running behind schedule will only raise your stress level.

  1. Manage time efficiently

Time is a constraint in every exam and hence, speed plays a major role. Find out some tips to tricks to solve questions which help in saving time. Keep an eye on time while attempting the mock tests. Practice numerical questions and refrain from using calculators.

  1. Stay focused and be consistent

Be consistent with your preparation. This plays a major role in the long run. Be disciplined and persistent. Work hard to achieve your goals and beat the stiff competition.

  1. Don’t study hard, study smart

Smart is sexy, as they say. Smarter ways to approach the paper are going to differentiate you from your peers, and may help you outscore them. Smarter ways have to be adopted majorly for mathematical problems.

  1. Make notes

Make notes of all the chapters highlighting important points so you can read them on the go. Well-made notes simplify and ease the entire revision process for you. Make notes of all the mathematical formulas from the book. Create flashcards for the difficult bits and carry them around.

  1. Practice and write down what you’ve learnt

The best way to memorise what you have learnt is to write it down. Practice marking Geography maps and making Biology diagrams. Writing helps one build a command over their speed as well.

  1. Maintain a regular a study habit

How you study is more important than how much you study. Your study sessions are going to be effective only when you follow a right way. Don’t study for long hours at a stretch. Take frequent short breaks in between. Alternate between different subjects so you don’t get bored of one particular subject.

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the secret ingredient to success. Eat healthy food during exams. Sleep well. Exercise and meditate to get rid of stress. Go on a walk, talk to people who motivate you. Make sure the environment around you is positive, healthy, encouraging and motivating.

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