Tips to Crack GD, PI at Management Institutes

Tips to crack GD, PI in Management Institutes in India

The admission season of management institutes in India always proves to be very hectic for the graduates. As a management student, numerous questions always strike your mind regarding the preparation for Group Discussions (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) sessions. Every year aspiring candidates experience sleepless nights while preparing for the Written Ability Test (WAT). But irony is that clearing the WAT cannot only earn you a seat in a top b-school. For management admission process you have to go through 3-step selection criteria:  WAT, GD and PI.

GD and PI are the tools used by college authorities to check your presence of mind. Authorities judge your personality traits, your communication, leadership, and presentation skills during GD and PI sessions. It is not necessary that if you have the ability to clear WAT, you will surely be clearing the GD and PI sessions. Your real talent is judged during these interactive sessions so, it is crucial to prepare for GD and PI.

Every management institute expects appearing students to have sharp bent of mind with good communication and presentation skills in addition to leadership qualities. If you have been an outgoing person and have participated in debates, extempore and other activities then it would be easy for you to crack GD and PI sessions. But if you are an introvert you need to work harder on your communication skills and need to nurture confidence in you to clear the same.

To clear GD and PI you need to practice a lot to hone your communication skills. You need to listen to talk shows, news shows for the content and accurate pronunciation. You need to stand in front of mirror to practice gestures, expressions and movements while you speak. You need to stay updated with the latest news and for that read as much content in the news papers, including news items, editorials and articles as you can. Try to read even while you are travelling to brush up your knowledge on current issues. Practice is the key to perfection.

Follow these effective tips to clear your GD and PI rounds.

Group Discussions

The main purpose of any group discussion is to exchange different thoughts on a particular issue to have a clearer picture of the same. GD is considered as one of the most preferred and effective tool in assessing your personality. Communication skills, content, group dynamics, attitude, leadership, and confidence are some of the key parameters observed during GD. During GD always try your best to show your presence.

Tips to practice during GD

  • Be positive,
  • Maintain an erect posture and keep calm,
  • Be confident, it is the key to success, but never be dominant,
  • Try to initiate GD at right points and only if you have adequate knowledge on the subject,
  • Ensure participation with appropriate content and build arguments with facts and figures,
  • Be sensible and always deliver relevant speech,
  • Try to use simple words and speak politely,
  • While speaking always maintain eye contact,
  • Listen patiently when others are speaking and never interrupt others speech,
  • Never stare at Judges during your speech,
  • Never lose your temper, and
  • Keep a logical approach during GD

Personal Interview

Management Institutes conduct personal interviews to now a candidate personally. PI’s give a clear view regarding candidate’s future goals. PI’s are very unpredictable and in order to impress your judges you need to be extra cautious of what you are speaking. It is always better to say ‘I don’t know in an interview ‘instead of giving wrong answers. If you don’t know the answers be humble and state that you are not aware of the particular subject. PIs help you earn some more points by sharing your other accomplishments one-to-one. Even to clear PI you need to read a lot and be aware of latest happening in and around the world. Questionnaire may include questions regarding your background, hobbies, origin, etc.

Tips to practice during PI

  • Dress formally, personal grooming is important,
  • Introduce yourself in a brief and formal manner,
  • Always give to the point answers and use short and simple sentences,
  • Try to support your answers with examples,
  • Maintain a good eye contact,
  • Be polite and don’t try being overconfident,
  • Always clarify if question is not clear to you,
  • Never give wrong answers,
  • Try to be communicative, but do not prompt,
  • Always arrive prior to the interview, and
  • Address your interviewer by his/her surname.

Every year lakhs of students appear for WAT in a hope to crack admission in top B-schools in India. Your talent is judged during GD and PI followed by WAT. Just work on your skills, practice a lot, and improve your general awareness by reading a lot. Be confident and you will definitely hit your goals. I wish you good luck.


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