Get help on selecting a Law school

Get help on selecting Law school

Are you in dilemma on your journey to a Law school? Choosing a law school is a big decision, as selecting a Law school requires introspection and research. Often,  ranking and reputation of schools are considered important component by Law aspirants. Though, these are important determinants but not the only factors to be considered for selecting Law school.

To help you choose the right Law school and make an informed decision, we are sharing some other factors that Law aspirants can consider when taking decision pertaining to Law school selection.

Faculty: An important factor to be considered for selecting Law school is the Faculty. Websites of  various schools will give you a fair idea about the backgrounds of full-time faculty. You must consider the faculty to student ratio in the school, credentials of faculty members, their specialties and achievements. It would be beneficial to gain clarity in respect to these before making selection of any Law school.

Curriculum: Another  critical factor is the range and quality of academic programs offered. Students or parents can research the professional and academic opportunities offered by the schools even outside the classroom like moot court sessions, trial advocacy, writing seminars, etc. Along with the first-year courses, always look for what courses are offered by the college you are considering in the second and third year. If you want to pursue dual or joint degree be sure to compare this.

Availability of classes in your area of interest: If you really know which specialization you want to take, then find the suitable school.. For instance, if you want to pursue career in intellectual property Law, you should seek out the schools that specialize in intellectual property Law program.

Geographic Location: Often, importance of location is outweighed when national brand importance is considered, but, location is equally important. The location of Law school has considerable impact on the geography of your professional career. Firstly, decide on where you would like to begin your practice? Do you need to be near your family? Does weather factor affect you? Answer to these questions will give you a solution. If you remain and work in same area of your Law school, you will have a larger alumni network at your disposal, network with local judges and attorneys and law societies. It will help you to find summer employments and part time clerkships etc.

Campus facility: Campus facilities like housing, classrooms, libraries, etc. are also important for consideration while opting for a Law school. You need to ask and seek answers to questions like – What is the Law school and Campus like? Is there college or public transport available? Do the students have access to extra-curricular facilities like pool, gym and other recreational activities? Before making any decision, talk to the alumni and collect the information as the institute websites and brochures will not provide proper guidance.

Career Services or Placements: What is your ultimate goal after Law school? Planning a career in Law requires integration of personal goals and the legal education in the context of employment. A good Law school is the one which makes effort to help its graduates and students in understanding their career options and to find and land a satisfying job. Some students are very much clear as to what they expect to do with their legal education but some students find various tempting possibilities. Always choose a Law school that will help you get your finish line.

To sum up, gather information on both about law schools you are considering and yourself to arrive at a set of criteria of your own that will help you make an informed decision about selecting law school that is best for you. You might like to know more about life at a law school. You could also go read more about India’s top 17 NLUs here.

How are you deciding which Law school you should attend? Tell us in the comments below.