Boost your score in Science Board exam: Follow these tips & strategies

Science board exam tips & strategies

Board exams have started. A very genuine question that crosses your mind every now and then is what should be my strategy to excel in Board exams? Read, Some common mistakes students should avoid in Board exams.  Even good students are worried about their percentage in Board exams. Read, why effective students do not study hard? If you appearing for Science Board exam, then it is one of the subjects where you have every chance of increasing your percentage. The challenge is to overcome the fear and anxiety during last days of preparation. Read, tips to excel in Math board exam.

Stop biting your nails and dreading the laws, equations, experiments and calculations. Shed your fear before going to the examination hall and make a difference to your overall score in Science Board exam. Read, Board exam stress solutions, Agression is the best defence.

Tips for Physics:

  • If you want to acquire an extra edge over other students then you need to get a good grip on the fundamentals and basic concepts of this subject.
  • Generally, in the Physics Board exam, a number of questions are theorem-based or formula based. Therefore, make sure that you revise theorems and formula as many times as possible.
  • Key strategy to success is the repeated practice. Solve different problems of model papers and last years’ papers using the formulas and theorems.  Try and solve at least five numerical problems daily and make sure that to time yourself.
  • Some of the easier topics based on theory and direct formula are Modern Physics, Oscillation & Waves, Optics and Heat & Thermodynamics. Preparing these well will get you sure-shot marks.

Tips for Biology:

  • This is the subject that includes a lot of diagrams. Emphasizing on special diagrams along with their theory part will be beneficial.
  • Adopt a learning style that you are most comfortable with. Use of visual devices like pictures, drawing, graphs, charts, and maps, to name a few. This helps you to immediately associate the question with a diagram or a picture that you have gone through while studying the subject. Thus help you to retain the knowledge on the subject.
  • Biology involves complex terminology. Learn and memories those, practice spelling and writing such terms repeatedly so as to get acquainted with them.
  • Try to solve objective questions first once you have gone through the entire syllabus. To get in-depth knowledge on the topic consult the book to revise whenever stuck. Solve previous year question papers within the time limit.

Tips for Chemistry:

  • A lesser time consuming and a high-scoring subject as compared to other subjects.
  • The questions on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry are fact-based questions. These can be solved very quickly, therefore try and attempt these first. This will leave ample time for rest of the paper and boost your confidence.
  • In-depth study of the subject and extensive practice will improve your speed and accuracy in solving problems.
  • The name reactions in Organic Chemistry are extremely important. Thoroughly study them along with examples.
  • Write down all the important formulae on a piece of paper and paste it where you can’t help seeing it on a daily basis.

We know that you can score more in your Science Board exam than you have expected. You just need to follow the above mentioned tips and see yourself coming out with flying colors.
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All the best!