Practice Tests: A mantra to succeed in SSC

You prepared well. Then why didn't you make it?

Practice Tests: A mantra to succeed in SSC

The story of a person who failed to clear the recruitment exam for  an entry level job in any of the Government departments or the banking sector, often takes the familiar route of a student having prepared well but not performing upto the mark just when it was required. Bank & SSC aspirants often look for an answer to this common question post failure – ‘I prepared well. Why and how did I fail? Why didn’t I make it?’ The answer is rather simple. You prepared well but did you solve enough practice tests?

Many a slip between the cup and the lip

The above stated scenario is commonplace but the story can be given a rather positive turn, if the  preparation and test taking strategy are modified. The examination hall is not meant to be the place to look for new and simpler ways of solving a question. The methods should already be there in your memory for you to pick one depending on the kind of question. If a question immediately doesn’t ring a bell or you are unable to visualize a quick method for solving that question, go ahead to the next and if that is not the case you would invariably fail in the speed  tests.

What is it that sets the failure and the success apart? What would make you climb that ladder which has only been slippery for you till date? Well, the answer is rather simple. Practice! What are the resources that you can use for the same?  SSC Test series is available at a cheaper rate and reduce your burden of solving hundreds of questions from numerous books. One of the easiest ways is to enrol for CL’s SSC test series. It not only provides ample practice but also gives a detailed analysis of your performance.

Test Gym, a reservoir of practice questions, for SSC exams acquaint you with the paper pattern. Sectional tests are another good option to augment your topic-wise preparation.

If you are poor in one section and proficient in the other and would want to give more time to practice one rather than employing a strategy involving an equal distribution of time between sections, sectional tests are apt for you. CL’s SSC Test Gym is just an icing on the cake.

The numbers game

Statistics always speak volumes. Whether someone wants to read it or not is another matter. Your concepts are clear and you know the types of questions that are asked in these tests are a cakewalk for you. One look at the memory based paper and you would think “This is a cinch!” Is your vocabulary good enough for these tests? Well, ‘cinch’ refers to an easy task. The problem that arises though is that one didn’t practice enough for the tests that are rightly called ‘the speed based tests’. There are hardly few candidates who are able to ace a test without having practised at all. The odds are stacked heavily against such a candidate.

The clear-cut strategy to follow is to take these practice tests armed with the knowledge or skill set that you have already amassed. Chances of success without practice would be a ‘chimera’. Again, this would make for a good enough vocab question, the word mentioned earlier meaning a dream that is unlikely to be achieved. The chances of success without practice are bleak.

Online practice tests by CL can be accessed over a period of time wherein you can also access concept videos and combine that with a sectional test that makes use of the tips, tricks and techniques learnt.