Why do you need Career Mentors?

Get the answers of unanswered question about your career

Why do you need Career Mentors?

Have you heard a popular saying “A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight”?

Take a moment to reflect your career and educational journey. Are you in a dilemma or have unanswered questions about your career? If yes, this post will act as a guiding light for you. It throws light on the importance and need of a career mentor in your life. A career mentor provides professional socialization, guidance, and personal support to facilitate and uplift your career. Let’s see how this works.

Help you look at the situation in new ways: Mentors are an important source of career advice. They drive your thinking towards a new path that can help you grow. Besides, career mentors can teach you techniques to handle situations differently and alert you about the same.

View and experiences: Mentors are gurus as they have the skills, experience and knowledge gained over the years. Make the most of their learning and gain benefit from their experiences and perspectives.

Facilitate in outlining your goal: Mentors act as your career counselor and can help in career exploration. You can discuss your career possibilities and get direction to outline your goal.

Source of inspiration: Mentor works with you and for you to bring out the best in you. They learn about your dreams, passions, strengths, and skills and strive to find opportunities and outlets to enhance these skills. Besides, their wishes would count.

Effective working: With the help of a good career mentor, you can work more efficiently. Take their help to work with a clearer view of the future that you are trying to achieve. This will make you feel more confident and effective. Besides, when you will learn from your mentor, you will be excited to complete the task. You will ensure that all the tasks are completed before your next meeting. The result of this will again motivate you to hold yourself accountable even more.

An ally: Lastly, mentors are trusted personality so much like your true friend. Friends cannot help much as they are of same age. Mentors act as an ally and help you lighten your career stress . At the very least, Career Mentors are nurturers. They will guide you, teach you and pick you up when you fall in your life.

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