E-books for the new age Examinee

Brings forward strategies and tips to ace exam

E-books for the new age Examinee

At the risk of beginning with a cliché, the age of e-books has arrived in India too, albeit in a limited sense. When internet has not reached a large section even that of the Indian middle class, a wider reach can only be looked at in the future. Access to internet and subsequently to e-books has ruled out the existence of small, corner shops that sell entrance test books by never-heard of writers but the ones that quickly go off the shelves.

E-books from credible & trusted resources

The choice, thus, is between writers that students have to trust irrespective of their credibility having been attested to and e-books from trusted organizations. These e-books ensure that all required content is provided to students in simple and lucid way. They can also predict expected questions in various exams. E-books bring forward strategies and tips to ace exams.

E-books and not the paper-book

Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude & General Awareness form the staple for any competitive exam. Interestingly, the pattern of various exams remain the same only the level of difficulty varies from exam to exam. For instance, seating arrangement questions in the Reasoning Ability section are featured in bank, SSC and even MBA entrance exams. The concept remains the same, it is just the level of difficulty and consequently the time taken in solving that differs. Therefore, e-books  keep you abreast with varied kind of questions and  make it infinitely easier to prepare for the exam. CL’ s e-books serve the same purpose.

E-books, app based material: Advantage of frequent updates

E-books offer the advantage of studying anywhere, anytime and reduces your burden of carrying heavy books. For students and even working professionals, easy access to preparation material over Kindle and tablets makes it possible to read even while traveling. This holds especially true when it comes to general awareness questions and current affairs. The questions are featured from national & international events, economy and banking awareness, polity & geography and science & technology.

Availability of such preparatory material on apps or in the form of e-books makes it possible to complement this with online classes that can also be scheduled as per one’s convenience. Online learning platform bridges the gap between virtual interaction and text material. You can practice on-the-go with CL ‘s ‘Test Gym’, which allows you to prepare without the hassle of looking for alternate sources of preparation.

The discount offered on these products is an icing on the cake. These are updated frequently and are available at prices that are slashed regularly, at times even to the tune of 50-70%. The deal on offer is thus both of convenience and it being easy on the pocket!