Degree in Law is a good career path for girls

Law career for girls is a good option

“Well behaved women rarely make history”– Marilyn Monroe

Most of the girls in India are interested in banking and insurance sector, medicine as doctors, marketing and sales, teachers and corporate communication in private sectors. In the 21st century, there is huge potential for girls in the legal sector too.

Many people have an unswerving opinion that women should not pursue law.  A girl in our society is usually, rather say ‘always’ a symbol of someone who is calm, quiet, and composed. People think that if a girl studies law, she learns to argue which shall have an adverse effect on her family. This kind of discrimination regarding the capability of females, still prevails across the country.

Many parents consider this field unsafe for girls. They think that their daughters will have to deal with criminals under criminal law and their life will always be at risk, but this does not stand true at all. Legal studies or Law career for girls are not only confined to criminal law, there are various other options available for girls under legal profession.

To acquaint you with diversified career opportunities in law, Career Launcher brings to you this post.Keep reading.

  • Civil litigation: This is an option for those girls who want to be a part of the system through which they can resolve differences without having to enter into any type of chaos, physical assault, civil unrest, agitation or revolution. In litigation, you will be your own master. You will only have to bow to the Judge and that too only in the court room. As far as your salary is concerned then sky is the limit plus you will have job satisfaction.
  • Corporate sector: Girls aspiring for an LLM Degree may choose to be specialist in corporate Law. There is wide range of area of specialization within corporate law. These areas include bankruptcy, tax law, zoning and securities and intellectual property. Corporate Lawyers have option to work with a corporation, a Law firm or can even be self-employed. They may also become investment bankers, educator or leader of non-profit organization.
  • Law firms: Girls can also work in a Law firm in partnership with other Lawyers to offer their expertise to the clients under one name. While working in Law Firms they can cater to the interest of private individuals and companies. In the Law firms, depending on its culture and specialization they will have to deal with wide variety of problems that may or may not be restricted to particular area.
  • Academics: Another option available in legal studies or Law Career for girls is to become a Law Professor. Various Law schools require faculty to teach. Their life as Law professor will typically consist of three types of activities teaching, research and service. As professors, they may edit casebooks and author books as well. They may also publish their articles in Law reviews as a part of their research work.
  • Judiciary: Percentage of female Judges is very low. Women representation in the High court and the Supreme Court bench is of critical importance. Like, there are currently 28 sitting judges in the Supreme Court against maximum possible strength of 31, out of which there is only one female judge. Girls may represent our Supreme Court to make it more reflective of diverse population of our country. To improve the quality of justice and to bring an understanding of the impact of the law on the lives of women and girls to the bench the increased presence of women on the bench is the need of the hour.

To wrap up, legal profession or Law career for girls can be intellectually challenging, financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. This is an imminent situation, take the jump, select the best Law school and argue for your rights to practice and choose any profession of your choice.

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