That’s how you can deal with rejection in interviews!

Tips to deal with rejection!

‘A boo is a lot louder than a cheer’- anonymous.

Being rejected after an exam interview can severely dent your confidence. In the recent past, many of you must have appeared for various exams like MBA, Bank, SSC, UPSC and various others.  Even after clearing written exam with good marks, some of you are unable to crack this hard nut called ‘INTERVIEW’. The pain of being rejected in an interview is really heartbreaking, especially when you are so close to your dream.  However, some of you bounce back from rejection stronger than before while others stop trying again if turned down. The way you choose to respond or deal with rejection could determine the entire course of your future.

Therefore, to help you to deal with one of the most brutal stakes to the heart, we have come up with this post on how to face or deal with rejection in an interview. Read on.

  • Always have a backup plan: It is good that you are focused towards a specific goal but sometimes keeping plan B is a savior. Never pin your hopes on one specific exam in the belief that it is a perfect fit. If you do not succeed, you might land up in depression. If you are eyeing for a Government job, then do not just focus on the banking sector, you can also try for PSUs, Railways, SSC etc.
  • It is not all about you: Generally, students take rejection personally and blame their personality or interview techniques on their failure to get hold of their dream college/career destination. This is wrong! Do not read too much about your rejection because these decisions are hardly ever based solely on your performance. You might have performed excellent but there’s little else you could have done or there could be other factors at play. Like a candidate with slightly more relevant experience than you or a candidate with strong internal jack. These things are beyond one’s control.
  • Start with a fresh approach: To deal with rejection do not carry the baggage of failure in the interview around with you all the time. Approach each new opportunity with a positive attitude and fresh perspective. Grab another opportunity, do full research on it and prepare for a new interview. If you felt unprepared or made mistakes in your last interview, learn from your mistakes. Remain true to your personality, experience and keep a fresh approach.
  • Get the feedback: Another tip to deal with rejection is to try and get the feedback from the interviewer. It is perfectly acceptable to politely ask the interviewer for feedback about your interview. This feedback will help you understand what you could have done better and what you have to improve in the next chance.
  • Keep learning and developing: The first thing that is hit hard when you get rejected is your confidence. Do not let this happen because optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Keep working hard and keep your motivation and moral levels unsinkable. Stay focused on your ultimate goal and turn rejection into a learning opportunity. The day will come when you and your dream college/career destination will finally match.

Rejection is as much a part of our world as is approval. Everyone experiences the sting of rejection, but mentally strong people use that pain to grow stronger and become better. A healthy attitude is to accept rejections as a part of life and to find ways to bounce back and try again.

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