CL-LST Felicitates CLAT & AILET 2017 Toppers

CLAT & AILET 2017 Toppers

“To guarantee success, act as if it were impossible to fail.” This exactly seemed to be the aura of Felicitation ceremony organized by CL for its CLAT & AILET 2017 Toppers on 18th of June.

Like every year this year also CL’s LST (law entrance test prep unit) students bagged all the top positions in major law entrance exams. Not only the AILET AIR 1 holder is an LSTian but also 51 out of 73 seats in NLU, Delhi are bagged by LSTians, 75 out of top 100 rank holders in CLAT are LSTians. And as they say a mentor’s success is all credit to its students like vice versa and thus CL took a plunge to felicitate its CLAT & AILET 2107 toppers who have got selected to the top NLUs across the country.

The event was attended not only attended by the CLAT & AILET 2017 toppers for whom the event became a platform to know their fellow future lawyers from the other cities and to celebrate their respective success but also by next year’s law entrance exam aspirants for whom the event was a source of great learning, inspiration and motivation to be taken back home.

The guest of occasion, Himanshu Singh himself a NALSAR Hyderabad alumnus addressed students and discussed:

  1. Importance of continued hard work;
  2. Difference between legal education as imparted in the top NLUs and legal education as imparted in the other law schools across the country;
  3. What to expect in your five-year stint in a law school;
  4. Keeping the right approach right from the start;
  5. Focusing on extracurricular as well especially the debates and the moot courts.

The panel discussion between the toppers from all across the country helped the future test takers know the success mantra of the toppers and what exactly made them reach there, making the event a success for both CLAT & AILET 2017 Toppers, to felicitate whom this was organized at the first place and for our next year law entrance test takers who gathered first hand information about the exam and the right tools to prepare.

Here is a list of our LST Achievers with their respective centre name:

  1. Saurabh Gupta – Chandigarh;
  2. Aachman Shekhar – Chandigarh;
  3. Satyam Goyal – Gwalior;
  4. Radhika Sarda – Jaipur;
  5. Sania Abbasi – Jaipur;
  6. Nehal Bohra – Bhilwara;
  7. Vinayak Mangal – Agra;
  8. Pranav Dhawan – Ludhiana;
  9. Amay Bahri – Nagpur;
  10. Shashwat Ashok Kumar – Nagpur;
  11. Harshit Goel – Hisar;
  12. Saral Khandelwal – Kanpur.

CL wishes all of them Good Luck for their future endeavors.