Quick revision tips for Board exams

Tips to do board exam revision

Board exams seem just around the corner and this is the time when students start panicking. As a piece of advice, do not panic, it is never too late to start revising. It’s just that you need to study smarter rather than harder. This post talks about some winning tips to quickly do board exam revision and go through your learning to get off a flying start. Read on. Hope you are aware of CBSE class 12th date sheet and CBSE Class 10th date sheet.

  • Early preparation, more revision: Make a perfect and planned study plan and follow it strictly. The earlier you will start preparing for Board exams, more time you will save for revision. Read, Start your test prep early.
  • Stop beautifying your notes: Making notes pretty full of diagrams, lines, etc. is just a waste of time. Stop doing it and create notes that are simple and help you memorize like short notes, acronyms, phrase and sayings are much easier to remember. Just write the useful content which you can go through and do board exam revision with a blink of an eye.
  • Shun away the comforts: Avoid sitting on sofa or bed while studying. Your study table should not be in front of the television or any kind of distractions.
  • Reading won’t help: Learn your notes by heart so that you can recall everything you learnt prior to turning up on that page. Mere reading will not help you in board exam revision and you might forget during exams. Therefore, understand the topic, revise again and again so that you learn them. Read, how to develop your reading habit.
  • Listen to yourself: Best way to revise is to record oneself while studying and use the recording occasionally for quick revision along with reading notes. It is seen that people tend to recall things faster by listening
  • Practice leads to perfection: If you think that you have completed with your syllabus and it is time to start your board exam revision, then pick up previous years Boards papers and solve them. Solve the test papers given in schools. Take Math and English practice books and solve them. See where you are lagging and practice it to the perfection.
  • Revision classes: Another good way to revise is to attend all the revision classes in schools. As teachers will know better about the questions that will feature in the paper.
  • Study gap is imperative: Continuous studies do not allow your brain to take rest because of which you tend to forget all that you learn. So always take a gap of 10 to 15 minutes after every 2 hours of study. This way your brain and eyes will also relax and you will also feel refreshed. Read, 8 ways to enhance your memory.
  • Lastly, get yourself a help: Once finished with the course, take help of your family and friends and ask them to test you. This will help you analyze your preparation and know your weak areas.

It’s high time, go and get your brainy heads into those text books. You might like to read our blog on 12th board exam stress solution.

Best wishes to all!