All the best: RBI Grade B 2017 Phase-I exam

RBI Grade B 2017 Phase-I exam

We all know that RBI Grade B 2017 Phase-I Exam will be conducted tomorrow. The notification for which was out in the month of May earlier this year. You can read the notification here.

RBI Grade B is one of the most coveted banking jobs and offers you a great career growth and opportunities in the banking sector. We have already discussed our strategy for the Phase-I exam in one of our earlier posts “How should you prepare for RBI Grade B exam 2017?”

The nitty-gritty of the RBI Grade B 2017 phase-I exam:

  1. Phase 1 is qualifying in nature. The scores of this exam are not carried forward while making the final list, however, you have to score minimum cut-off marks to be eligible for the Phase-II exam.
  2. Since there is a sectional cut off, you have to focus on each section equally.
  3. Always remember that there is a ¼ mark negative marking too. So be careful and do not take chances.


Now let’s discuss a few key points that all the test takers should remember before and while writing the exam:

  1. Be Confident – Staying confident always gives you an edge. Confidence drives you to success and staying confident while writing the exam will help you in giving your best to it.
  2. Keep Calm – Keep yourself relaxed and calm while writing the exam. In case you spot a weak area, do not panic; instead, keep your head cool. Move to your strong area in the exam and after that think of a way to tackle that weak spot.
  3. Stay Concentrated – Do not let your mind hover anywhere else while writing the exam, stay focused.
  4. Strategize – By now you must be aware of your strong and weak areas. Make a note of them and then accordingly devise a strategy for your paper.
  5. Take rest – Take proper sleep a day before the exam. A fatigued brain might not work properly. Give your mind and body some rest. Have a healthy and simple diet a day before and on the exam day too.


Although there is no short cut to hard work but to give your best shot to any exam, hard work has to be coupled with the above-mentioned points. With all these things kept in mind, you are expected to come out with flying colors in the RBI Grade B 2017 Phase-I exam.

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All the best.