These are the tips to ace Arts stream board exam

tips to ace Arts stream board exam

Arts stream folks! Worried about your percentage in Arts stream board exam? It is very genuine that you get anxious- How will you score 99% in Arts board exam? What are the tips & strategy to prepare for History, Geography, Sociology etc.? Read, Boost your score in science Board exam. While science and commerce students are worried about mastering formulae, practicing numerical based problems, getting calculations right and learning business-related terms and jargons, read, maximize your score in commerce board exam. Art stream folks face a different kind of challenge. They have to deal with vast syllabus, get the knack of dates and facts etc.

To help you come out with flying colors and score a good percentage, we are sharing some tips and strategies to prepare for Arts stream board exam. Let’s go through them briefly.

Before sharing the tips we would like to mention the subject options in Arts stream board exam-

  • English, Hindi or both in some schools
  • History
  • Geography
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Economics

Tips to prepare History:

This subject contains facts as recorded by historians. The only mantra to prepare History is, to memorize and master important periods, events, names, and dates of different historical episodes. Keep revising the material regularly as it is fact-oriented.  Watch related TV movies, programs, browse the Internet for old documents, photos, etc. related to historical events to make your study interesting. Get together with your friends and discuss history to stimulate mind and help fuse all the ideas together.

Tips to prepare Geography: 

This subject contains Human geography, Settlements & activities, Map work, Transport communication & trade, resources and developments etc. In Geography exam avoid writing long answers, try to write pin point answers. Prioritize your topics according to marks weight-age. Solve sample papers of geography as much as possible. Practice questions related to maps.

Tips to prepare Economics:
Stick to the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. Be neat in presenting your answers. Prepare effective notes of definitions, terms and important points chapter wise, to suffice the final revision before the exam. Read, career diaries can do magic in students life. Practice and draw neat-labeled diagrams as un-labeled diagrams do not convey any meaning. Hone up your analytical skills and use schedules & diagrams to revise the concepts. Understand the reasons for the relationship between variables – such as total product and marginal product, total fixed cost and average fixed cost etc. Try and reduce your writing time to ensure sufficient revision time. While revising the paper, ensure that you have written the correct equations and formula – following a logical pattern, copied correct values from the question to answer, etc.

Tips to prepare sociology:

The study of human social behavior, its origins, development and organizations is not easy at all. Focus on areas like socio-economic and political background, views of thinkers, their analysis, contemporary perspective and evolution. Mastering Indian society Colonialism, Nationalism, theory of democracy, cultural and structural changes in Indian society is not a one day task. Prepare for the subject well in advance. Do not mug up the answers, try and understand them. To avoid any sort of confusion just stick to one source either CBSE books or NCERT books. Prepare mnemonics for important topics and discuss your learning with your study group.

Tips to prepare Psychology:

This subject gives a better understanding of people. Studying just one night before exams won’t do wonders. Ease the pressure, decide your difficult topics, manage time accordingly and prepare them in advance. Read, start your test prep early. Try and relate the study material with real life examples as understanding the concept is more important than blindly mugging up. Practice the diagrams as they help to score marks during exam.  To retain the content of your answers re-read the class notes and texts.

Just sit back and have faith! You can score more than you have expected by following these tips. The hard work throughout the year will pay you off well.

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All the best for your Arts stream board exam!