8 ways to enhance your memory

Gaming helps to enhance memory retention

8 ways to enhance memory

Do face problems while recalling the things learnt in class or do you forget something that you’ve just read? If yes, all you need to do is sharpen your memory. You can improve your memory just as you can improve math, computer or any other skills. In order to enhance memory, you need to practice a few true and tried memory building exercises that will enhance your memory.

  • Make notes or write it: It is often seen that many students who simply read anything once, are unlikely to remember it. For such memory issues, making notes will be a real benefit. Writing study notes is important and is a way to exercise your memory till the exam.
  • Talk or discuss it over:  Discussion is an effortless retention tool. Many of you might have experienced this, you read your whole syllabus and notes the night before the exam, and when any tricky question is asked in the paper, you forget whatever you’ve read. Help yourself with this situation, by making a habit of discussing whatever you read. If you discuss a topic with someone, you are more likely to remember what you have talked about than just reading the same information from the book.
  • Make flash cards: Students face difficulty when they have to memorize or learn lots of information especially in subjects like History, English or GK etc. You must make flash cards for the hard facts. These flashcards help you know whether you know the answers.
  • Sharing knowledge with others: To have a better revision, it is advisable to discuss and share whatever you have learned. This will benefit both the parties. Doing this, will enhance memory and boost your conceptual understanding in that subject. It will prove to be an icing on the cake if you use real life examples and experiments to teach the concepts.
  • Saying yes to games: Another great way to enhance memory retention is to increase concentration and focus. Teenagers love gaming, which is the time when they fully concentrate and focus on their games and avoid other distractions. Allow and encourage teens to play games. Hold on, Wait! Do not allow them to play games in which they glue their eyes whole night, pushing their thumbs endlessly clicking the remote buttons. There are certain games designed specifically to improve student’s organization skills and help ignore distractions. These are focus boosting games. So, give it a go and encourage your teenager to get their headset on.
  • Enhance your learning by questioning: Memory can only be improved, if you are clear with all the concepts of your subjects. Any confusion if not cleared, will leave you in half way. It is better to clear out any doubts or question as and when it triggers your mind. Asking questions involves analysis, thinking and reasoning that help in learning the concepts better and faster. The more you will involve yourself in finding answers to your question, the better your memory will work out and be active and charged.
  • Avoid heavy drinking: Teenage is the age when memory develops and forms certain structures. It is seen that getting influenced by peer groups or others, students indulge themselves in alcohol intake. Teenagers, who consume heavy doses of alcohol, have the chance of permanent memory damage. Heavy drinking unable one to recollect their past memories. They are unable to retain information. Such activities bring a young brain into critical stage and brain development met various obstacles.
  • Physical and mental exercise: To enhance memory or cognitive powers, students should involve themselves more in the physical and mental exercises. Physical exercises enable the heart to pump blood more effectively to the specific region of brain that improves planning, juggling different intellectual tasks and organizing ability, thus, improving memory. Mental simulation increases the strength of the memory and keeps the brain healthy. To have an excellent memory, teenagers should indulge themselves in challenging tasks such as puzzles, crosswords that create a different pathway in the brain. Remember, keeping the mind active diminishes weakness.

So, without further ado, follow these effective and easy ways to retain your memory and keep your memory sharp at every age.  Hopefully, you’ll perform better in your life.

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