7 ways to make your coaching classes happier

Coaching classes happier

While we at CL are always striving to help you reach closer to your career dreams, we are sure, it would be better if you could make your coaching classes a happier place. Amidst all the academic inputs that we keep on giving you, let us discuss how to keep ourselves happy while learning inside the classroom. Most of you must have joined some coaching classes for you entrance test preparations. It is no secret that if a classroom is a happy place learning process becomes easier and interesting. And only an interesting place will lead to an effective learning in the classroom.

So how can you make your coaching classes happier?

Let us discuss different ways by which you can make your coaching classes a happier place to be:

  1. Encourage group activities – There are many types of students in the class. Some are very actively involved in the classroom whereas some are not. For an effective classroom learning, it is important that we encourage everyone to participate in the class (for that we can also promote group activities). If you think any of your fellow batch mates is facing a problem inside the classroom, discuss it with him or her and if possible encourage them to speak up their issues to the concerned people.
  2. Make friends with your batch mates – Where this is a fact that if you guys are studying together you will make friends with each other and that is a very good thing to do but avoid getting personal with someone (especially against their wish).
  3. Study with batch mates – You can always form a group of few students  and study together. You can study at each others home, libraries or at your coaching institute only whenever there is a possibility. Studying together not only helps you in studying effectively but it also gives you a sense of competition. As much you will interact with your fellows, you will get to know new key areas to study, you will get fresh perspective of preparation, and you will realize strengths and weaknesses of other students.
  4. Always come prepared for the class – To make your classroom happier for you, it is very important that every time you to go your coaching class you go prepared with the lesson to be taken up on the very same day. Because, when you go prepared your understanding is definitely better and you also have in the back of your mind the areas of the lesson that you have to focus more upon.
  5. Always revise what you have studied in your class – Okay, so we do not want this to look like a usual academic post but trust us when you are prepared with the class lesson before hand and you revise the concept studied in the last class you are actually active and more involved in the classroom and that would certainly make you happier.
  6. Open communication – Don’t be shy in asking your fellow batch mates for feedback and once you receive the feedback take it sportingly and not personally. Also, share the feedback when asked for. If in case you are not in an agreement with your fellows, try to resolve it by healthy discussion.


These are few things that will help you in making your coaching class environment happier. The idea is to create such a learning environment from which every student gains and thus learns better.

Please feel free to share your inputs on how you tried to make your coaching classes a happier place or who made your coaching classes happier place for you?

Happy Coaching!!