7 GD tips to leave a lasting impression in MBA Group Discussions

Be a leader and initiate the discussion

GD tips

Group Discussion (GD) is an integral part of the MBA admission process. In a GD, your communication skills, team spirit and leadership skills are tested. To help you stand out in your forthcoming Group Discussion and to increase your chances of getting shortlisted, we have compiled 7 essential GD tips:

GD Tip 1: Be a leaderinitiate the discussion

Make sure that you take the lead in the discussion. Try to understand the topic and then initiate the discussion. Being first to initiate will leave a good impression on your evaluator.

GD Tip 2: Prepare your thoughts well

Starting the discussion is a big plus point but, only if you have some knowledge about the topic. Do not speak just to increase your speaking time. What you say must be sensible and relevant. Speak less but make it significant.

GD Tip 3: Speak clearly and listen carefully

Using simple and understandable words and being clear and polite is appreciable. If you disagree with someone on some point, express your argument politely and calmly. Do not be aggressive. Make sure that people agree with you; for this, you have to pay attention to what they are saying. Allow them a chance to speak. Listen more and speak less to make a logical discussion and to get involved positively in the group.

GD Tip 4: Alertness and presence of mind 

Make sure to take down relevant points put forward by others and sit attentively in a discussion. Always be alert and act immediately. Listen carefully to the opinions of others and be ready with your statements and examples supporting or countering their point to participate in the discussion.

GD Tip 5: Bring the discussion on track

Always stick to the topic. Take the initiative to bring the discussion back on track if by any chance the group is distracted from the topic. Make all the members aware that at the end the group needs to come to the same conclusion.

GD Tip 6: Maintain eye contact 

Make sure that while speaking, you do not only look at your evaluator but also maintain eye contact with your team members. Keeping eye contact is a sign of confidence and positive attitude. Show interest in the discussion and keep a positive body language. Do not try to dominate other team members.

GD Tip 7: Give a strong conclusion

Just as starting a discussion is an advantage, taking an initiative to close a group discussion adds a bonus point too. If the group has not reached a conclusion then you should grab the opportunity and conclude it. Make sure to have a strong conclusion. Summarize the points already mentioned and elaborate on a point-wise conclusion. Do not start a new point, however good it may seem.

Hope these essential GD tips help you get prepared for your forthcoming Group Discussion. For more GD tips, you may like reading Tips to crack GD-PI at Management Institutes and Beyond CAT 2017: Sharpen your focus on MBA admissions.

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