Are you prepared for these common types of banking interview questions

banking interview questions


As a bank aspirant, you would want to work for a reputed bank name? After clearing the entrance exam, candidates have to go through the interview session.

The interview also holds a significant weight in the final merit. An interview can change the entire game. Are you worried or ready for it?

Do not panic! Listed below are the common types of banking interview question that you may be asked during banking interview.

Why Banking?

One of the most obvious banking interview questions is ‘why banking’? This question is usually asked to ensure that you are familiar with the working culture in a bank. A banking job is a hard work oriented job and you must know what you are getting yourself into. You need to answer it with an approach stating that you feel banking is way more rewarding than the other sectors and that the work/nature of this sector appeals to you.

Why this Bank?

You are most likely to find out your way from the first question and land yourself in the situation where the bank would want to know how much you know about the organization.

To answer this, do a thorough research about the organization and this shall equip you with precise and relevant details about the bank. The best place to get this information is the bank’s website and press appearances of the bank.

Why this Job?

You’re off the barrier where they want to know how much you find the banking world attractive. Here comes the blow with banking interview question that checks why you aspire for this job. Answer it keeping in mind the previous things you have done that might help you in positioning yourself in the job profile you have applied for. This shall help in developing a positive image in front of the interviewers that you have a sense of responsibility towards the profile you shall be working under.

The Brainteasers

Goes without saying that being under any profile, your presence of mind is important through and through.  As a result, these brainteasers are needed consideration with a very high priority. The only way to answer them is practicing these questions from the questions banks available easily in the market.

A simple example can be, “What is the easiest way you can spell Cow in 13 letters.” And the answer is “See O Double You.”

Current Market Knowledge

Entering the banking domain requires the current market knowledge and that too updated to the level of accuracy. The better the knowledge, the more chances you have to be a part of the bank you apply for. Stay updated with the current affairs in the newspaper along with creating your opinion about them. An example could be as simple as the Brexit affair and your take on it.

The Past Experience Questions

After crossing all question barrier, you might be asked yet another commonly asked banking interview question about your past experience in details.

Answer this part with confidence of your past experiences, and highlight the parts that might help you with this job profile.

Culture Based Questions

Coming to the final stage of the interview, you will be thrown at with tricky situation and work culture based questions like
“Your team members suddenly wish to leave the bank for a new job and that might affect your work and targets. How will you handle it?”
Once again your presence of mind is something that shall be required in order to deal with this situation and questions related to it. Don’t think about personal benefits while answering such questions, focus on your team members and society as a whole. Portray your leadership and convincing skills.