E-learning myths that might bother you

E-Learning myths that bother you
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Are you contemplating taking up an E-learning program or there is something bothering in taking that decision. Read, See how online exam preparation gives an edge to your exam education.There are certain misconceptions and myths related to online learning. Here is a list of 4 common E-learning myths that you might need to give a second thought to:

1st E-learning Myth: it is not as engaging as face-to-face learning

E-learning can be just as engaging as traditional face-to-face learning but in different ways. For instance, online instructors use different tools and software to promote online engagement. They also create voice-over PowerPoint presentations or live videos (webinars) to deliver a lecture. Just as a face-to-face learning experience, online courses require an active participation or involvement of students to gain the most out of this experience.

2nd E-learning myth: it lacks real teachers

It is often believed that online system of learning lacks human interaction and conversations, and students are unable to clarify their doubts. This is not true as while we don’t see the teachers in person, we can interact with them online through discussion forums, e-mails, and individual chat sessions.

3rd E-Learning myth: One has to teach oneself the material

Just because we are not physically present in front of the teacher/instructor, doesn’t mean we have to manage everything ourselves. An instructor would guide us all along the way and would teach us the subject matter, just like it happens in a brick and mortar class.

4th E-Learning myth: One has to be a tech-wiz to engage in E-learning

One doesn’t need to be a tech-savvy to pursue online education. There is no application of technical skills and knowledge, or no programming language used. Companies have greatly improved their user interface and made it user-friendly for easy facilitation of online education. Now it’s as easy as ordering a pizza on your smartphone using a few basic steps or connecting with friends over social networking sites with just basic IT knowledge.

One should also realize that the benefits of e-learning are not just limited to the above E-Learning myths, but e-learning can also be cost-effective and can be accessed from anytime, anywhere in the world. Therefore, well-designed e-learning is indeed a very effective method of developing knowledge and understanding.

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