Lawyer Career Story: Fali Nariman, The Lawyer the Judge Respects

Lawyer Career Story: Fali Nariman

Fali Nariman has been practising Lawyer in the country since 1951. He credits his initial success to the tutelage of Mr. Jamsetjee Kanga. The fact that he also happens to be the mentor for the Former Chief Justice of India, Harilal Kania, the first person to occupy that position, is something that often finds a mention by him. His legal work received real accomplishment in 1981; beginning a lawyer career story that would inspire future lawyers.

Case that changed the course of his career

The legal team representing ‘The Needle Industry Company’ lost in the High Court. It was then that Lawyer Fali Nariman came to the rescue of the organization and his arguments defeated those of the opposite party’s with ease. It is another matter that he defeated a famed lawyer of those times, Mr. H M Seerbhai, and came to the limelight.

For future lawyers: Is money a factor?

Even though it is a career choice driven by many factors, a lawyer career story will perhaps inspire you. This is where the information on the kind of money top-notch lawyers make would be informative for those who wish to look at this career option through a prism.

In this case, each of the facets can be observed closely through an analogy wherein a lawyer’s life is the white light and the seven colours that constitute it are the various facets of that choice that people make for themselves. Going by the 2010 numbers, anyone interested in gaining access to services had to hand him Rs. 25 Lakh for a day of his time. If not that, just 5 minutes of his time was worth Lakhs.

Economics, History and Law

He started practicing at the age of 22. His did his schooling from Shimla. He completed two Bachelor’s degrees in Maharashtra. The degree in Economics and History was completed at the St. Xavier’s College and the degree in Law came at the Government Law College, Mumbai.

His take on the legal profession often rattles his juniors in office wherein his focus is on discipline and time management. As per him, to fight a case successfully hard work is required but so is humility. The contribution of hard work is immense though, can be observed if you go through the many books that talk of lawyer career story detailing on his accomplishments over the years. Another important dictum of the legal profession is that suppression of facts is unlikely to win the case. His focus on keeping those at the core of the case is what makes winning a case a cinch!

International Arbitration

Lawyer Fali Nariman has practised both in the High Court and the Supreme Court, having argued cases even in the Chief Justice’s Court or when he is heading a bench. His areas of specialization include Corporate Law, cases dealing with the Constitution and International arbitration. For a lawyer to be an acclaimed authority on international arbitration is an incredible recognition to have received.

Arbitration is an authority serving as an intermediate entity acting as the one to decide on the fate of a case that is a cause of conflict between two parties. Such an alternative for dispute resolution and grouse redressal is generally done in case of corporate matters. For instance, Hutchison Essar stake sale case. In this instance, even though the lower courts had arrived at a decision regarding the tax payment to be made, international arbitration was sought. A lawyer having received recognition as the judge for international arbitration is thus a matter of immense prestige.

Nariman: It’s not just the son who carries forward the legacy

Mr. Nariman has had landmarks named after him in Mumbai and surrounding areas. This kind of recognition is reserved for those who have made a mark with their work over the decades. It is only understandable then that for every prospective student aiming to get admission into a Law School, it is people like Mr. Nariman who keep the enthusiasm alive.