What’s good about school days?

School days experiences leave indelible marks on a child’s psyche

What’s good about school days?

Life in school

Aah! That takes me down the memory lane, some cherished ones, and some stories of embarrassment, sorrows and joy. A little compassion, less anger, a good measure of smiles, laughs, innocent crushes, winks. Not as much chasing corporate targets, stresses and yes, at that time it meant more time with family and friends.

Schools are the bedrock of a society where children are taught and also adopt the social, cultural, emotional and other values that help them become the future bearers of the responsibilities towards their families, societies and the nation.

Schools are those institutions that reshape, rebuild and replenish children’s desires and aspirations. School days experiences leave indelible marks on a child’s psyche and personality. These memories can always be relived if students maintain a career diary. Read on, how career diary can do magic in students life. Often it’s argued that schools teach more about living than the immediate families do and rather strengthen the values and qualities imbibed at their respective homes.

This post shares some valuable insights into the positive aspects of school days.

  1. Teaches organization: Rising early, getting ready, a well-deserved bath, healthy breakfast, arranging school-books and stationery, clean uniforms properly worn, getting together with friends walking or cycling to school or waiting for the school-buses at the right appointed time. Reaching schools well before the prayer-time teaches time-management and punctuality.
  2. Learning: Many good things are learnt apart from what the books do, these include respect for the teachers, cooperation with fellow class-mates, sharing lunch-boxes and also helping the needy friends. Children, once out of their homes, learn several traits of being human from the teachers, friends, senior and junior school-mates.
  3. Health and good living: Sports and games are inseparable part of any school curriculum. They give equal opportunities to the students to pick up sports what they like and enjoy. Remember, MS Dhoni learnt all about cricket as a small boy in his school! Physical exertion leads to good health and also purifies the minds and spirits.
  4. Apart from the studies: Schools provide opportunities to develop the undisclosed personal qualities and further nurture them. Schools conduct various competitive exams for students, here is the list of competitive exams for 8th, 9th and 10th class students. Arts, culture, sports, drama, physical-training, team-work, etc., are learnt at the schools. Children make friends, peers and guides during their school-days, they remain with them forever.
  5. Personality building: Children are like ‘putty’ that is given definite shapes in schools. Schools empower self-development. Lessons learnt and experiences gained at schools are irreplaceable and leave permanent mark on children. It is said that a child learns most in his class-room than his parents might be trying to drill into innocent brains all day at home. Teachers are the torch-bearers who guide them towards the real-enlightenment and make them fit to face the life when out of the schools and into the real-living. You might like these 10 inspirational quotes that might help build your personality.

School days are full of fond memories that are never forgotten and are remembered almost each day of life. These school life memories and experience offer guidance throughout our lives. It is rightly said that after parents and homes, schools play most important role in life.

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