How lawyers make a difference in the society

Lawyers make a difference in society

 Just like Engineers, Doctors, and Scientists, Lawyers also make a difference and them too, are very important contributors to the society. It is by their efforts in courts that we live in an orderly society. Every aspect of the society is held together by their ideas and ways of maintaining law and order in the modern world.

Jessi Klein once said, “Everyone wants to say they hate lawyers, and yet I’ve never met a parent who didn’t want their kid to be a lawyer”. The life of a lawyer may not be the most glorified or talked of, but lawyers make a difference that no other professional can.

Yet, most of the times lawyers are unnoticed and we forget to recognize their contribution to our society. If you have never been in a situation where you thought of consulting an attorney, this post is for you. You should wish a situation like that never arises, but it’s important to understand the value of these professionals in our society.

So, here are some of the reasons Lawyers make a difference in society –

Advisories for the society –

Lawyers represent individuals and corporations for trials intended to promote justice, law, and order. It is their knowledge and experience which matters the most when deciding the fate of an individual or a group of individuals. Given the right direction and the best advice, a law proceeding can save an innocent from being punished, when he/she isn’t at fault. Our history is littered with instances when the just were put behind the bars for things they didn’t do, but with impactful and pragmatic justice was served and the culprits and their wrongdoings were brought in front of the court of law.

It’s with their efforts that we can navigate through the complexities of the system and live freely as citizens. Without them, not only would this be an unachievable dream but would also lead to an immensely flawed system.

They have your back –

Lawyers are the backbone of your dreams and aspirations. It only takes a moment of misjudgment and a couple of errors to find yourself on the wrong side of the fence. It is because of an attorney that you can dare to pursue your goals. This should boost a sense of security so that if anything were to go wrong, you will have someone at your back to overcome the procedural functionality of the law. The most pragmatic and successful people have the best lawyers. That’s a major reason why they’re always at ease, despite the hundreds of eyes constantly analyzing every move they make. A lawyer is like your armor. You’d only need one in the battlefield but you don’t want to find yourself there without one.

Power is just another word-

A lawyer has the ability and the skill to take on the most powerful individuals, corporations, and government agencies to fight them for justice. By protecting a common man’s rights and freedom, these lawyers ensure the equality among people from all economic backgrounds.

Most of us don’t acknowledge the efforts of these individuals who spend large amounts of time studying the law and implementing it to gain invaluable knowledge and experience. An example of such an instance was observed when Ram Gopal Verma, the famous Indian movie director named his the then upcoming movie, ‘Sridevi’. It was a controversial issue for the actress, Sridevi who had no trouble having her lawyer step in. It was easily a violation on RGV’s end and the same was concluded by the court. Such is the importance of a lawyer in the life of a powerful individual.

The experience of a lawyer, when put to best use and in the right cause benefits even the lesser known parts of the society, irrespective of their region, religion, caste or color. Justice is the right of every man, woman, and child and must be acknowledged by all to ensure democracy and equality in the society. This earmarks lawyers as more important to society than perhaps, most other professionals.

Lack of knowledge, resource or sometimes, even confidence can result in unfair decisions. People are unfairly treated and that can greatly affect the life of a person, having him/her lose faith in the judiciary system itself. Every time an innocent life is put under the knife, it impacts a generation. If it wasn’t for the messiahs of justice, we’d be living in a world full of crooks and criminals with the innocent leading their lives in fear and torment to earn the right to survive. Lawyers make a difference that set a nation, a society, and the people firmly to the ground with nothing to shake them. Their rights are preserved with these great individuals and one must always appreciate that.

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