6 Interview Do’s that really work

Interview Do's
Interview Do's

So, are you all set for an interview, that you are really looking forward to.

Relax, anxiety is not the desired ingredient. However, let’s take you through these 6 Interview Do’s that really work.

  1. As per a UCLA study, 7% of your impact comes from your words; 38% of how you say it (the way including your tone); and 55% from your body language. Make a conscious thought of this before entering the interview room.
  1. Positive communication is the key to success. Feel the positivity and let that be reflected in your words eg – It’s a pleasure to get this opportunity or I am happy to be here and looking forward to….
  1. Eye contact reflects the real picture. Be honest, make an eye contact when conversing.
  1. Keep your hands where the interviewer can see them – out of pockets, not folded and use them as part of your communication. Hand movements do the required to establish trust.
  1. Go prepared with commonly asked questions like What’s your greatest strength/weakness? Your greatest weakness is just a strength taken to an extreme, I’m so interested in my subject, I tend to inundate people with detail about it. But I’m learning to pick and choose what information will be most effective, etc.
  1. You can expect softball questions/inquiries. These are questions that might not be direct so big you don’t know what to swing at such as, Why did you choose Symbiosis rather than 14 other NLUs. These can be answered within a story such as: Well I eye Symbiosis as an institution where …… I do see it as a college which is ranked every year amongst the top 5.

Besides, smile, be focused and end the meeting in a hopeful manner like “I hope I lived up to your expectations, thanks for being so generous with me.”

Best of luck… Rock It!

Should you want to share your interview experience with us, feel free to do so in the comments given below.