How to begin an SOP for your international education application?

300 words document required by all universities/colleges

SOP, Statement of purpose


SOP or the Statement of Purpose is one of the most important documents that is required when you apply for international education. This 300 words document known as the statement of purpose is asked for by all universities/colleges in the process of applying for admission.

Why is SOP a necessity in all applications?

SOP is one of the most crucial documents that can decide whether or not you are eligible enough for the course that you have applied for. A SOP defines your past experience and the reason behind pursuing the course. As a result, the beginning of a Statement of Purpose needs to be crisp yet informative, leaving a first good impression for your SOP and enticing the reader to read it further.

How to begin a SOP?

The impact of a SOP’s beginning depends upon the fact that you need to cater to the interest you have in the course that you have applied for. A SOP should reflect the importance of your personality as well as the connection with the course you have applied for, loud and clear.

Let us take an example. “I am applying for the Masters of Fine Arts program in creative writing at the University of Kolohama, as I believe my writing shall blossom through this program since it is a place where I can enhance my writing skills.”

The above intro is crisp and talks about what you want along with explaining the reason why you want to apply. But, is that enough? No! The college knows that you are applying for the Creative Writing program after going through your form numerous times and your belief in the university is evident by the fact that your writing skills shall blossom through their program. But this does not show the desperation or any past experience.

On the other hand, let us take a modified version of the same but with a thought in mind to extract the essence of what is the purpose of you choosing this program.

“When I was eleven, my grandmother passed away and left something that changed my life: a library of about five thousand books. Some of my best days were spent arranging and reading her books. Since then, I aspired to be a writer.”

Now notice that the number of words is same as the one mentioned above, but your start has been impactful. This shall entice the reader to read the complete SOP.

Always remember that somewhere down the memory lane, everyone has met with an incident that caused him or her to select the course they would want to pursue. As a result, utilize that memory and begin the SOP to create what has already been mentioned, an impact.

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