What is machine learning?


Traditional definitions of machine learning define Machine Learning as an application of Artificial Intelligence that gives computer systems the ability to “learn” from data and improve from past failures and experience, without being explicitly programmed to do so. While this textbook definition gives us a sense of machine learning in very technical terms, it fails to give us a broad outlook of its potential and how it is relevant today. In this blog post, we will explore what machine learning is by highlighting its visible uses and applications.


What makes self-driving vehicles possible?


Most of us have heard about Tesla’s self-driving vehicles. What makes it so interesting is that it eliminates the need for a driver. But what makes this possible? It is certainly not black magic that fuels its self-driving features or alchemy that enables Tesla’s cars to function without a driver but the power of machine learning that makes these vehicles self-driving.


Machine Learning is the secret behind Tesla’s self-driving vehicles.


Right from the content of our news feed on social media, to the playlists we love to listen to on music streaming apps, to the search results we see on search engines, to sophisticated web searches, to relevant advertisements that bombard our social media with products that we may have searched on the internet at some point of our lives; all of this is made possible by the wonder that is machine learning where machine learning is used to optimize a user’s experience.


Machine Learning is used to optimize a user’s experience. The most common example of machine learning that we experience today can be seen in social media.


All of the above examples show the intensity with which machine learning has penetrated our lives and the lives of the people around us. If you have a functional device with internet access, you are not immune from experiencing the power of machine learning. The extent of its reach is massive and we often experience it on a daily basis.


Machine Learning has already penetrated our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.


Machine Learning is all around us. Not only has it penetrated our lives, but it has also penetrated the job market. Almost every new innovation today is invented keeping in mind the larger objective of increasing profits. Machine Learning is no exception. It is a vehicle of profit generation and has thus become one of the highest valued commodities in the job market. It is estimated that it will take over the job market in the years to come, if not, immediately.


So getting back to the question: what is machine learning?


To put it in simple words, it is safe to say that Machine Learning is a force that is revolutionizing our lives. It is a thing of the future that is shaping the future with each passing day. Not only is it revolutionizing our lives, but it is also revolutionizing the job market with its steady penetration. Slowly, but surely, there will be more and more machine learning jobs vis-à-vis other jobs in the upcoming years.


To conclude, machine learning is the future that is knocking on our doors with increasing urgency. The question is, are we ready to open the door and welcome it into our lives?