Do Machine Learning Engineers earn higher salaries than other IT Professionals?


The most trending buzzword that is plaguing the IT industry today is “Machine Learning”. Most people today are of the opinion that Machine Learning is one of the most rewarding careers of 2018 and that you should learn all about it while the job market is ripe and in dire need of Machine Learning Experts. To be honest, we agree. You should definitely pick up the skills of the trade. But before you do, let’s talk about what makes a profession so rewarding in 2018.


There is a hot job market for Machine Learning Professionals due to the growing relevance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


What makes Machine Learning a highly rewarding career is its growing relevance. This means that this profession will not fade into irrelevance anytime soon. But what puts the icing on the cake is the compensation package that is assumed to be awarded to Machine Learning Experts, which is generally assumed to be on a higher scale.


So the question we should be asking is: How much do Machine Learning Professionals really make?


According to Glassdoor Reviews, the average salaries of a Machine Learning Engineer are as follows.

  • Microsoft :              Rs 1,336,000 – 1,458,000 p/a
  • Accenture :             Rs 1,284,000 – 1,397,000 p/a
  • Infosys :                 Rs 574,000 – 623,000 p/a
  • Deloitte :                Rs 543,000 – 591,000 p/a


As per the information on Digital Vidya, in Mumbai, India, Machine Learning Engineers make almost 1,33,000 p/a. In Bangalore, they get close to 1,25,000 p/a and at Delhi NCR, the average salary is priced at 1,18,000 p/a, while the average salary of an ML Engineer as posted on is Rs. Rs 8,59,924 p/a.


Machine Learning Professionals make higher salaries: fact or fiction?


When we take into consideration the compensation package of a Machine Learning Engineer in India, we find that at the very least an ML Engineer earns Rs 5,43,000  p/a. Big companies such as Accenture and Microsoft pay way more, sometimes even going as high as Rs 1,458,000 p/a. This is a lot when compared to other IT Professionals or Engineers who are not as adequately compensated. For instance, the average salary of a Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer according to is Rs 429,947 p/a which fades in comparison to ML Engineers who make approximately Rs 8,59,924 p/a on average as mentioned on the same website.


On average, Machine Learning Engineers are paid higher salaries than regular software engineers.


Based on these findings, we have come to the conclusion that Machine Learning Professionals get higher compensation than other IT Professionals. While factors like work experience and the employing body play a big role in dictating what the compensation of an ML Engineer should be, the trend shows that they get better compensation vis-à-vis their IT counterparts.


To conclude, an ML Expert gets higher pay than other IT Professionals.


This is a fact that should not be dismissed as a work of mere fiction. This is not something that has been concocted to back the bold statement that you should master Machine Learning right away. But given the fact that ML Experts are so handsomely compensated and the scope in this area is huge, it will do you a world of good if you consider machine learning as a possible career option and start checking out available courses in Machine learning.


We are confident that getting skilled in machine learning is an investment you will be very happy to make. Check out Career Launcher’s page for available courses in machine learning.