Are you using these 5 ways to increase your bank speed test score?

5 ways to increase your bank speed test score
5 ways to increase your bank speed test score

Wondering how to maximize your bank speed test score? Are you looking for strategies to augment your sectional as well as overall score in a banking entrance exam?

This post talks about ways to improve speed and accuracy in a bank speed test.

What is a bank speed mock test & why is it necessary?

Speed mock test aims to improve your speed and accuracy in a particular section of the exam. It helps to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and devise time management strategy. Bank speed tests help to increase the attempts in each section of the exam. To gain an edge over other aspirants, it is important for you to score more in bank speed tests.

Let’s formulate a simple strategy that can help maximize your speed test score.

Five ways to boost your bank speed test score:

  1. Familiarize with the exam pattern: Candidates begin their preparation by taking mock tests and sample papers. But what is the outcome of this? Candidates get bewildered by their preparation. To streamline your preparation, make a list of the topics/concepts assessed in a banking entrance exam. These topics might be similar or might vary as per the banking entrance. All you need to do is understand the exam pattern well before you start giving the mock test.
  2. Know where you stand: Banking exams cover basic arithmetic, language and reasoning skills. The best way to know where you are is to take mock tests. Analyze the time taken and compare your marks with the cutoff marks. CL’s Banking Test Series provides detailed performance analysis and solutions. Hence, taking a stock of your strengths and weak areas will help you strategize well.
  3. Build your concepts: Prioritize your preparation by allocating more time to your weak areas. Strengthen your conceptual understanding and take a sectional/module test to assess the same. You might want to know more about Banking study material and  e-books to provide you an in-depth understanding of the concept in a lucid way. E-books give you an opportunity to study on the go! Learn shortcuts and tricks to solve tricky questions.
  4. Practice to improve speed and accuracy– It is aptly said practice makes a man perfect. In a banking exam, knowing how to solve a question doesn’t help much, how quickly and accurately you attempt makes all the difference. To improve your score in a particular section, take bank speed mock tests. Regardless of where you stand, you might like to try solving these Free Sectional Tests. These tests increase your efficiency and help in time management. CL’s Banking Speed Tests and CL’s Sectional Tests put your preparation on the right track. These tests acquaint you the type of questions asked in the exam.

For instance, in the Common Written examination (CWE) conducted by IBPS, one has to cross the cutoff marks in each section. Thus, if one scores very high in English and very low in say Reasoning, he / she will not qualify in spite of the total marks being higher than the average cut-offs.

  1. Strategize: No battle can be won without correct planning and strategies. Such is the case with banking exams. The practice must be well directed and strategized. You should first attempt those sections which you are confident of and then move on to other sections. Not only this, it is advisable to attempt those questions which you are quick at and mark for review the time-consuming ones. This will help you to maximize your sectional as well as overall score and also ensure that you attempt more number of questions with higher accuracy and speed.

It is truly said that hard work pays off! Prepare with full dedication and wholeheartedness and see how it works wonders in making your dream come true. More practice guarantees more efficiency, thereby increasing your score.

Keep practicing…

All the best!



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