Should You Trust a Tuition with Your Preparation?


Exam season seems like the most stressful part of a student’s life. Having experienced the same, I have found myself in the same state of endless confusion, self-study or tuition. To me, the idea of a tuition was attractive, safe and easier. Although, study hours seemed to last all day and there was no time to cool down and relax. Despite all the cons, though, I still suggest, a tuition is just better. Sure, if you were born a little genius, it will probably be less helpful but will still offer a lot than you might think.

Most of the exams these days are time-bound and are planned in such a way that you can attempt each question only once. This is where the experts take matters into their own hands and bring the element of magic into something as sour as exams.

So, here are some reasons why I feel a tuition is more beneficial that self-study –

Shortcut techniques

There’s no better feeling than being the first person to complete a problem in a class full of geniuses. Nowadays, with the exams getting more competitive and strictly time-bound, shortcuts are more important than ever. A problem which may take hours and can be answered in a few seconds. That’s where smart techniques and shortcuts come into light. Surely, that’s worth the extra bucks you pay for the tuition. Not only will it make you more efficient in solving questions, but also make the process more interesting.

Should I leave this be?

Exams nowadays, are more than just a test of knowledge. They test speed, smartness and most importantly, the ability to keep a calm mind while maintaining the problem-solving abilities of a much-younger Einstein. This is where the tuition plays the role of mentoring students, guiding them and imparting wisdom. In competitive exams, it’s not possible to attempt all the questions. Sometimes, it’s best to just leave some of them. But, how does one know which ones? Well, I’ll tell you what. If you’re studying in a tuition, you probably already know.


Say, you decide to study at home and come across a kind of problem that just won’t solve itself. You decide to skip it, but one unsolved problem leads to a ten, then twenty. Suddenly, you realize half of the problems seem unsolvable. We’ve all been there and frankly, it can be unnerving. The best thing you can really do is look for someone smart enough to help you through; someone, like your tutor.

Difficulty level

No exam is designed to let you have an easy time. If you do, you should rejoice, for, you represent the lucky few. If you are sitting for a competitive exam, the level of the difficulty of the questions will not be anything like you’ve seen before. Except, you might actually be prepared for them if the tuition trained you well. If you are a student preparing by yourself and feel that you’ve prepared thoroughly, chances are, you did the bit that was just easy enough. Did you think about that other book with an extra 1000 pages that everyone talks about in hushed tones? Well, everyone at the tuition certainly tried them out.

Competition and Self Evaluation

We live in a competitive world. Everyone wants to be better. A tuition, in this aspect, acts as a testing ground for students. Sure, it’s hard for those who find themselves in the firing line, but it’s mostly for lack of trying. Your rank might be an indicator of your performance, but it should also give you the motivation to try harder, apart from giving you a better idea of where you stand and what you’re best at, better than the rest.

Tuition will never be the same again

Technology has taken the world by storm. Kids, who were considered slow are now better aware of the latest technology than most of us. With new innovations making learning easier and e-learning gaining more importance, students have a vast array of learning modes to choose from. Self-study is taking the form of a Test Prep Series and Online Crash Courses. Interactions with tutors and teachers can be done over WhatsApp and at just about any hour of the day. So, with so many options out there to make life easier for the student, why put it all on yourself to prepare?

Well, there it is, my case-and-point. If you still think preparing for exams by yourself is better, I’d love to know in the comments below. Hope this post helped you to zero in on the exam that sits in your crosshairs, staring back at you or inspired you to try harder the next time your tutor is talking about something that makes you yawn, endlessly.

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