Advance your career, Add new skillsets


A substantial part of success in a business is conjoined to the ability to adapt, upgrade your skillsets and stay ahead of the trends in the marketplace. This holds true for all major corporations and for individuals looking for personal or career development. To consistently grow your responsibility and salary over the course of your career, it’s essential to understand the importance of adding new skills to your profile.

Skill development is a key reason why many people decide to attend B-school. A majority of b-school alumni have classified development of business knowledge, skills, and abilities as one of the key reasons that motivated them to earn a degree.

How to develop skills?

Skill Development refers to developing yourself and your skillsets to add value for the organization and to advance your career. It’s very important to foster an attitude of lifelong learning, as it is the key to a successful career. The development of your skills begins with deep analysis of your skills which are important for your career development.

The best practice for skill development & upgradation is to follow the 70-20-10 rule:

70% of your development should come from work activities and learning from actions. This can include positive experiences like managing projects, taking up new tasks, working in a team of diversely skilled individuals, job rotation, etc.

20% of your development should come from social interactions. This includes learning from your mentor, mentoring subordinates and team mates, coaching, participating in communities and groups, serving as a leader, etc.

10% of your development should come from the training activities, which entail classes, seminars, workshops, webinars, podcasts, sessions, conferences, etc.

What skills to focus on?

Some specific skills are essential to your success regardless of the job level. The vast majority of B-school alumni at the entry-level, mid-level, senior-level, and executive level believe that communication is the most important skillset to achieve success. As you progress with time, the perspective of being an effective communicator may change. For example, 30 years ago it wasn’t very important for business people to have effective email communications. But good oral and written communication skills will definitely serve you well as you progress in your career.

Different skillsets for advancing job levels

While some skills are indispensable at all job levels, there is a clear proof that some skillsets gain more importance as you climb the organizational hierarchy. The general consensus among the executive workforce is that entrepreneurial, leadership, and managerial positions involve strategizing, which is essential compared to those at lower job levels. These are the skills that help you develop as your career grows along with the level of professional responsibility.

As you climb the corporate ladder, you need to acquire a diverse range of skillsets. The vast majority of b-school students believe that their degree prepares them for their chosen career path, provides them a chance to boost their career advancement and prepares them for positions of leadership.

Once you have identified the skillsets required to achieve your career goals, the next step is to identify how to develop them. Although skillsets combine to form an individual, that doesn’t mean that they are constant like the height or the shape of your nose. Personal skills can be developed, improved and acquired.

A person with a reserved attitude may be able to speak fluently and confidently about something they are familiar with. Somebody who considers themselves quite bad at mathematics on the grounds of a low grade during school may easily work out their expenses for each term and evaluate the various loan options available.
So, it’s important to be aware of what’s the need of the hour and more importantly, what the situation demands to get the best results. And thus, work towards the set goals with skillsets smartly developed with experience and trial.
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