Ram Jethmalani: The Careerist Legal Eagle

The Unstoppable Nonagenarian

Lawyer Ram Jethmalani: A career that lists out India's most high-profile cases

Ram Jethmalani is the legal eye par excellence in the field of law. If you are a budding lawyer, you would certainly not like to miss out knowing more about him. Read, A Lawyers Mindset- how to develop this killer trait. Ram Jethmalani, as a Lawyer is known to take up the most difficult of cases that may have an infamy associated with them considering the people involved or the prominence that the case has enjoyed in the press but has no takers. He has dabbled with politics and has volunteered to counsel in cases.

Never the one to follow rules

Mr. Jethmalani, the nonagenarian, is sought after as a legal luminary, and is a member of the Rajya Sabha. Ram Jethmalani started his career at an early age, in the pre-partition era. Both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Law were completed at S.C. Shahani Law College, Karachi. Being a maverick, he started working with a law firm but came into partnership with another lawyer where he held the decision-making power. He moved up the ladder, now attending to clients who themselves never have time to meet people but would make a beeline for his services, having made him one of the highest paid lawyers in the country.

His son, Mahesh Jethmalani, following the footsteps of his father has created a space for himself in the public domain with his frequent appearances on news & opinion shows where he is seen as an articulate opinion maker. He has served as the Union Law Minister of India and that for Urban Development. He has also been the Chairman of the Bar Council of India.

It is not a surprise thus that he is often seen holding a position which is at odds with general public opinion but he soon turns the tables and has managed to get the results in favour. His fame often borders on notoriety that would be associated with taking a position on subjects and cases such that the most ill-informed of voices against him would see eye to eye with him even without going into the details of the case being referred to.

Not wary of the controversial

The controversial cases he has argued in court include that for Rajiv and Indira Gandhi’s killers, Harshad and Ketan Parekh’s stock market scam, Hawala Scam indicted L K Advani, Jessica Lall’s murder case in Manu Sharma’s defence, Kanimozhi’s defence in 2G spectrum case, AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa. His defendants also include Asaram Bapu, Ramdev, Subrata Roy, Jayalalithaa, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Amit Shah.

The cases as mentioned above are the most high profile cases known in the country. The fact that he has been appointed on all these cases only goes on to show his stature in the legal world.  The cases taken up by him transcend a wide spectrum that includes both criminal and corporate cases. These are all cases that have shaken the very existence of the regulatory bodies and governance systems that have been put in place for financial institutions and mechanisms meant to implement Government policies. He has thus been instrumental in protecting the institutions that form the basis of functioning of the Government as well as institutions that are required for investment & maintaining balance of payments.

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