3 habits class XI Medical and Engineering Aspirants should develop

habit medical, engineering aspirants
3 Good habit - medical, engineering aspirants

Moving to class XI is a milestone. It makes students happy and brings along a great sense of responsibility because the subjects that we choose now decide our career path. It, therefore, becomes very important to determine and implement effective study techniques from the very beginning.

Here are 3 habits for class XI Medical and Engineering aspirants, that each one of us should develop to conquer the heaps of textbooks and ensure maximum productivity:

  1. Habit of writing: Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Math are all infamous for the enormous content that students are supposed to study and retain. A good way to go about the burdening syllabus is to write and make notes. The diagrams in Biology cannot be retained without drawing them. Similarly, the numerous derivations in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are impossible to retain by means of reading alone. Making notes in an organized manner, by maintaining separate notebooks for each subject is of great help during revision. So, STOP READING and START WRITING.
  2. Habit of regular studies: Doing regular studies is equally important as the syllabus is vast and cannot be completed in preparatory holidays before the exams. Regular studies will help you score well throughout your student life. This is an acquired habit and it is therefore advised that you start practicing and ease yourself into an ideal 3-4 hours of study a day keeping aside your homework time. Start with 2 hours daily and increase it to 4 hours in 1-2 months. Remember, 3-4 hours a day of peaceful study beats 12-14 stress ridden study hours few days prior to exam.
  3. Regular revision:Do not wait for the exam schedule to plan your revision. Make revision a habit, throughout the term to retain the syllabus over time. The key is to re-write all the derivations and re-draw all the diagrams every time you revise. This will keep the diagrams and derivations at your fingertips and help in avoiding stress at the last moment.

Try to inculcate these habits from today itself and within 2 months you would realize that you are much ahead in the race. The kind of confidence and enjoyment that it brings, takes you a long way.