Class XII to JEE Main

JEE Main prep
JEE Main prep - Class XI, XII students

As you move on from class XI to XII, at times you realize that you did not put in the right amount of effort in XI and that makes you feel that cracking the JEE Main is out of bounds for you.

You need to look at this year’s JEE Main Paper.

The first thing that you need to do is to have a look at this year’s JEE Main paper. Do not expect that you will be able to do too many questions. A look at the paper will give you a brief idea on how to start preparation and strategize accordingly. Here are a couple of realizations that will happen:

  1. Class XI and XII syllabus carry almost equal weightage
  2. Chemistry questions are relatively easy
  3. Physics and Mathematics were of similar difficulty level and of tough difficulty level

One good thing about the JEE Main paper is that the pattern remains the same and hence you can expect it to be the same next year, however, there is no such confirmation.

Kick start your preparation now!

If you are not thorough with the class XI syllabus, you can initially keep it on hold and focus on class XII syllabus with the aim of completing it by September end. It will make you feel more prepared for the boards and then you may devote the subsequent two months to study and revise class XI topics for the JEE Main. The strategy should be to gain the basic capability of being able to attempt atleast 70-75% of the paper. Once you have done class XII syllabus completely and around 50% of class XI syllabus, you would be able to reach this level.

Take a good number of mock tests to gauge your preparedness. Incase you are looking for any specific queries, feel free to ask