JIGYASA: Daily Current Affairs Quiz of December 20, 2015

Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Dear Aspirants, Here is the JIGYASA: Daily Current Affairs Quiz of December 20, 2015 for you!!

  1. In December 2015, India got its biggest Wildlife Rescue Centre at:

1) Madurai

2) Nagpur

3) Cuttack

4) Kolkata

Answer: 2

  1. In December 2015, which among the states joined Centre’s UDAY scheme?

1) Odisha

2) Jharkhand

3) UP

4) Maharashtra

Answer: 3

  1. In Scientists of the Zoological Survey of India ( ZSI) have discovered a new species of eel along the coast of which among the following states?

1) West Bengal

2) Odisha

3) Gujarat

4) Maharashtra

Answer: 1

  1. Recently which top Medical Institution of India launched an online tracking system for poor patients?

1) AFMC, Pune

2) AIIMS, Delhi

3) SGPGI, Lucknow
4) PGI, Chandigarh

Answer: 2

  1. Which among the following country has become 163rd member nation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 2015?

1) Djibouti

2) Seychelles

3) South Sudan

4) Afghanistan

Answer: 4

  1. In December 2015 world powers agreed at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to embrace a plan for a ceasefire and a peace process that holds the distant prospect of ending the conflict. This plan is known out as:

1) Iran Plan

2) Syrian Plan

3) Iraq Plan

4) Afghanistan Plan

Answer: 2

  1. In December 2015, WTO Ministerial meet has been conducted out at:

1) London

2) Brussels

3) Nairobi

4) Luanda

Answer: 3

  1. In December 2015, which Asian country has banned Foreign companies to enter gem mining industry in the country?

1) India

2) Pakistan

3) Sri Lanka

4) Maldives

Answer: 3

  1. In order to ensure safety which among the following has been planning to introduce a mechanism that will automatically cancel reversal trades executed on its platform?

1) NSE

2) BSE


Answer: 2

  1. In December 2015 evidence of Buddhist monastery is found in which among the following cities of Andhra Pradesh?

1) Guntur

2) Chittoor

3) Kurnool

4) Vishakhapatnam

Answer: 4

Happy learning!




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