English Cloze Test 7

Directions (Q.1-10): In the following passage, there are ten blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are given below the passage and against each, five words are suggested. Select the one that fits the bank appropriately.

The inclusion of the Western Ghats in the World Heritage List by UNESCO is a fitting tribute to one of the most _(1)_ and ecologically sensitive areas of the world. These montain forests and their rich biological _(2)_ were included in the very first list of ‘global biodiversity hotspots’ drawn up by scientists at the turn of the century. Today, the Ghats are _(3)_ as one of eight “hottest hotspots”. With their official listing as natural heritage, India _(4)_ itself under the UNESCO Convention to conserve, protect and transmit the 39 chosen sites spread across nearly 8,000 square kilometers to _(5)_ generations. The _(6)_ to protect the Western Ghats, however, is much bigger because the area of these mountains _(7)_ by the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel encompasses a total of 129,037 sq km. This is a vast swathe of ecologically _(8)_ habitat, which significantly influences the Indian monsoon. The WGEEP has, in its report, _(9)_ the entire region as an ecologically sensitive zone, while recommending that some sub-regions be treated as more sensitive and given _(10)_ levels of protection.


(1) clean
(2) exploited
(3) weak
(4) tough
(5) fragile


(1) variety
(2) assortment
(3) diversity
(4) range
(5) frugality


(1) mentioned
(2) considered
(3) demarcated
(4) treated
(5) biased


(1) appoints
(2) dedicates
(3) commits
(4) devotes
(5) approaches


(1) anticipated
(2) next
(3) present
(4) previous
(5) future


(1) work
(2) challenge
(3) obstacle
(4) privilege
(5) burden


(1) assessed
(2) found
(3) detected
(4) exposed
(5) discovered


(1) developed
(2) similar
(3) unique
(4) peculiar
(5) mundane


(1) tabled
(2) chosen
(3) manipulated
(4) treated
(5) seized


(1) lower
(2) inferior
(3) superior
(4) bigger
(5) higher


1. 5 ‘Fragile’ refers to something that is delicate and prone to damage. ‘Weak’ is used in comparison to the strength of something else and here we have no such reference. ‘Exploited’, ‘clean’ and ‘tough’ do not fit in with the context.

2. 3 ‘Variety’ and ‘range’ are always defined as being ‘of’ something. ‘Assortment’ refers to a miscellaneous collection of things or people, and hence not applicable here. ‘Frugality’ means to be economical or thrifty and hence is incorrect here. Only ‘diversity’ correctly fits in the blank.

3. 2 The correct word here is ‘considered’. "Hottest hotspots" is a category or type of area for which Western Ghats have been considered.

4. 3 ‘Commits’ is most in line with the context of the passage and hence option (3) is the correct answer.

5. 5 The sentence talks about transmitting the ecological sites to generations that will come later, and hence ‘future’ is the correct option. Though ‘next’ also denotes a future generation, it is more specific and its scope is confined to the immediate ‘next’ generation.

6. 2 From the context of the extract it is clear that protecting the Western Ghats is neither an ‘obstacle’ nor a ‘privilege.’  ‘Work’ doesn’t fit in grammatically. ‘Challenge’ is the most apt choice, given the details about the area that needs to be protected.

7. 1 The expert panel has not ‘found’, ‘discovered’,  ‘detected’ or ‘exposed’ the area. Rather, the area has been ‘assessed’ by the panel for its geographic spread and ecological importance.

8. 3 ‘Developed’, ‘similar’ and ‘mundane’ do not fit in the context of the passage. ‘Peculiar’ means strange. Hence, option (3), ‘unique’, is the correct answer.

9. 4 One ‘tables’ a report or a finding, not an area. Thus, option (1) is incorrect. ‘Chosen’ is incorrect as the area is given a special status of an ecologically sensitive zone. There is no question of choice, as the paragraph does not talk about other contenders for the special status from amongst whom it has been chosen. ‘Manipulated’ and ‘seized’ are incorrect contextually. ‘Treated’ is the correct word here; the area is treated as an ecologically sensitive zone.

10. 5‘Lower’ and ‘inferior’ are contrary to the meaning implied in the sentence. Of the remaining three options, ‘higher levels of protection’ is closest to the context.