English Cloze Test 5

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Directions (Q.1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested. Select the one that fits the blank appropriately.

Bhargav’s mission is to __(1)___ awareness on the harmful effects of __(2)__processed foods. While he promises to __(3)___ our consciousness, he also promises a lot of fun. His company Friends Learn has conceptualized and __(4)___ its second game Fooya (a game on Facebook), through which he plans to educate people about the calories in food items they consume often. This method, he says, is ‘learnification through gamification’. Bhargav promises it is a very simple concept. “We have tried to __(5)___ important aspects of macro economics in Fooya.”To stay alive, the players are required to throw specific food items to __(6)___ enemies and dodge unhealthy food items that come their way. This way, the players subconsciously learn about food items and the ___(7)___ they can do to their health. “As the players try to destroy the enemies by making them fatter and stay alive by consuming healthier foods, they understand the __(8)___ of eating a hamburger along with a fully whipped shake and fries.”

I couldn’t resist asking Bhargav, a native of Chennai and alumnus of College of Engineering, Guindy, if he thought it fit to ___(9)___ on obesity when more Indians die of malnutrition than overeating. “As the cities get bigger and the population of urban poor increases, they consume cheap food to save money. And cheap food, as we know, is unhealthy.”
Recently, Bhargav and his team conducted a painting competition for all ages, on health and general well-being. “I couldn’t really ___(10)___ the overwhelming response for the event. We had to quickly conduct an impromptu under-12 event,” says Bhargav. Flying back to the U.S., Bhargav hopes people find learning through gaming interesting.

1. (1) create
(2) flow
(3) prove
(4) prevented
(5) presume


(1) consume
(2) resuming
(3) consuming
(4) assuming
(5) recalling


(1) rise
(2) fries
(3) raise
(4) produced
(5) fiddle


(1) reduced
(2) produced
(3) blundered
(4) clobbered
(5) meddled


(1) kill
(2) pride
(3) less
(4) incorporate
(5) flounder


(1) destroy
(2) dispute
(3) decipher
(4) fudge
(5) conflict


(1) hurl
(2) furl
(3) laid
(4) demolish
(5) harm


(1) impact
(2) run
(3) dealt
(4) time
(5) burn


(1) tired
(2) focus
(3) built
(4) trial
(5) fire


(1) bold
(2) believe
(3) dry
(4) fly
(5) cry

1. 1 ‘Awareness’ is created.

2. 3 Food is consumed. The correct form of the word is ‘consuming’.

3. 3 Conscious is raised.

4. 2 The blank will take a word that means or suggests creating something. Thus, the correct word to be used here is ‘produced’.

5. 4 By reading the sentence, we understand that we are talking about including important aspects. Thus, ‘incorporate’ is the correct answer.

6. 1 If we look at the options, only ‘destroy’ fits the blank well, because here, we want a verb depicting an action against enemies.

7. 5 In this sentence, we are talking about unhealthy foods and the damage they can cause to the body. And the only word which can replace damage is ‘harm’.

8. 1 Here, the author wants to talk about the effect of eating unhealthy foods. Thus, the best option would be ‘impact’, which is also the correct option.

9. 2 The context requires the blank to be filled up something to the effect of concentrate. Hence, (2) is the correct option.

10. 2 This blank points out to the surprised response of Bhargav at the overwhelming response. Therefore, ‘believe’ is the correct word.