Xavier-Emlyon Business School: A revolutionary Indo-French collaboration for first time in India


Since the dawn of management education in India, there has always been a vacuum of a truly global business school which has the legacy of an international business school with the robustness of an Indian business school. This vacuum has been recently filled with the launch of XAVIER-EMLYON BUSINESS SCHOOL (XEBS), a global collaboration between two giant management academic institutions, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar from India and emlyon business school from France. Xavier University is well-known as a management institution in India and comes from a famed lineage of high-quality, internationally-renowned Jesuit business schools with more than 450 years of rich academic and research heritage. On the other hand, the emlyon business school, founded in 1872, is one of the oldest business schools in Europe and has its origin in France. It is also one of the select groups of business schools accredited by three international certifications: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. It is a triple-crown accredited business school, a testimony to its rich class of quality and learning assurance, indeed one of the most brilliant academic institutions of Europe. It has five campuses located in Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Casablanca, Shanghai and Paris. Every year, it welcomes 5,750 undergraduate and graduate students and more than 5,500 managers in professional development courses, representing almost 80 different nationalities.

Thus, the Xavier-Emlyon Business School is truly a world class institution which brings the best of both worlds; literally, the depth of European business and the vibrancy of Asian business into the same classroom, coupled with the diversity of nationalities, cultures and perspectives. The first programme being offered is the Global – Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) programme. This is a unique programme being offered for the very first time by the prestigious Xavier University and the legendary emlyon business school which is recognized as #3 in France and #27 worldwide among top engineering and business schools (2017 Times Higher Education annual survey by international recruiters). This four-year bachelor’s programme will invite students to study three years at the XEBS campus in Bhubaneswar, India while providing an opportunity to the students to study one year abroad either in France, Morocco or China at one of the emlyon business school’s campuses. It is a dual-degree programme with certifications from Xavier University, Bhubaneswar and emlyon business school. This enhances the credibility and acceptability of the programme whether you decide to work as a professional in Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world.


This school boasts of an innovative pedagogical environment which brings in action-learning and flipped classes with a robust digital university backbone replete with learning labs, creativity rooms, bubble-brain rooms and what not. This 4-year Global-BBA programme provides amazing opportunities for students to develop their expertise and specialization in the fourth year along with optimal utilization of their competencies so that they could be in a valuable position at the conclusion of the programme. This would be a golden path for those who seek to strive and achieve to an advantageous position with a stronger academic and professional experience. It has been seen that about 90% of graduates from the Global BBA programme running at the various campuses of emlyon business school worldwide get a job within six months of their graduation. The pristine value of the Global BBA programme can actually be gauged by this incredible track record.

The students in the Global-BBA programme at XAVIER-EMLYON Business School learn the basics of management and business knowledge through finance, marketing, project and team management, law, statistics, information systems, and data/digital impact among many other aspects of business education and research. The students are encouraged and provided a meaningful, learning ecosystem where they work with diverse groups from various nationalities on several projects so that they are best equipped and prepared for a professional life which thrives in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, where being agile, versatile, innovative and possessing a global mindset are key to successes and phenomenal growth. The students will also have the best exposure to cross-cultural experiences, trans-cultural communication and a rich multi-cultural experience which will hone their human skills or soft skills, so to speak, and make them holistic professionals with a vibrant social experience. This is all that the global recruiters are looking for in their global managers who would trend-set the world and travel the globe, building healthy, professional relationships and boosting business potential.

XAVIER-EMLYON BUSINESS SCHOOLLearning at this Global-BBA programme is not limited to attending classes, conferences, and seminars but is expanded to experiential knowledge via business games, workshops, projects, and surveys while at the same time learning about how to develop autonomy and teamwork with an entrepreneurial approach. The students get insights in high-end dimensions and themes aligned with globalization and challenges for India. Some of the subjects that facilitate this include Globalisation and Geopolitics, Social Sciences and Cross-Cultural Management, Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Marketing, Customer Relations, Communication & Community management, International Business Management, Competitive & Business Intelligence, Rethinking Business models, Corporate governance, Big Business Players, and many more areas of critical managerial and entrepreneurial importance. The students also have the opportunity to focus on sectors such as Supply Chain & Purchasing, Corporate Finance, Management Control & Auditing, International Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Life Sciences & Health-Care Evolution, Public Services Management, Digital Firms, Hospitality Management, Luxury & Design, E-business, Banking & Insurance, and family business.

This programme will help students to improve their proficiency in English due to experiences of the international environment facilitated by travels across the globe when the students go campus-hopping to global destinations in pursuit of their one-year international campus study at one of emlyon business school’s campuses in Africa, China or France. The learning environment is so developed that it provides a student with the best management education he or she would ever get at the bachelor’s level, especially in an Indian institution. This unique business school and the Global-BBA programme would provide true international experience with one full year abroad while also helping develop the international mindset as the programme has been developed in France and adapted to the Indian academic system to include the best of both worlds. With modern and innovative campus facilities changing the way you learn and live and access to the Global BBA community worldwide with thousands of students and graduates to share feedback and best practices from and the pedagogical resources and faculty from India and France, this is truly an experience of a lifetime for a student. We are sure any prospective student looking for a global experienced and a business education at the bachelor’s programme would not think twice before joining this programme that is set to change the landscape of global business education in India.

To know more about the Global-BBA programme, visit https://www.xub.edu.in/XEBS/about.html

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