XAT 2018 Analysis, Cutoff, Glitches and Possible Rescheduling

XAT 2018 analysis
XAT 2018 was conducted ONLINE (for the first time) today between 10 am and 1:30 pm. Read on to know more about XAT 2018 Analysis and expected cutoffs.
Important: A few students from Farukknagar, Gurgaon exam center have reported issues. On reporting to XAT authorities, some of the affected students have received a mail/message, “We regret the inconvenience caused due to technical Glitch. The examination will be rescheduled and dates will be communicated shortly.”
It looks like for the affected students, XAT may be rescheduled.

XAT 2018 Analysis: First Impressions

The XAT 2018 exam comprised of two parts.
Part 1:
  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension: 26 questions
  • Decision Making: 21 questions
  • Quantitative ability & Data Interpretation: 27 questions
Overall: 74 questions. Time duration: 170 minutes
Part 2:
GK: 25 questions
1 Essay: Ethical Practices and Sustainability: Do they coexist?
The Verbal section was slightly difficult with 2 additional questions and you can expect the cutoff to fall by 2-2.5 marks to 7 for XLRI BM and 6-6.5 for HRM. The Decision Making section was similar to last year with the analytical set on trains turning out to be easy, however, the cutoff is not expected to change so you can expect it to be around 7-8 for both HRM & BM. Quant & DI was also similar to last year with DI becoming slightly easier. Expected Quant cutoff is 12 for BM and 9 for HRM. The overall expected cutoff for BM can be around 35-36 and 31-32 for HRM.

Stay tuned. We will shortly go live with the complete XAT 2018 Analysis.

XAT 2018 Score Calculator

Our XAT 2018 Score Calculator is now live. Calculate your score before the real scorecard.

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