Why IPM- IIM Indore?


Integrated Program in Management (IPM) was started by IIM Indore in the year 2011 with the aim of nursing the need of the students with dreams in management career, and a chance to study in a top level business college. It is India’s first one of its kind programme that is spread over a span of five years with 15 semesters- a 5-year programme for students that have passed out from Senior Higher Secondary (XII).  Integrated Program in Management (IPM) is split into first 3 years, and 2 last years. The 4th and 5th year of the programme is accredited by the Association of MBAs, London.

Why IPM- IIM Indore?

While there are many other institutes who have now integrated management programs into their courses, the IPM course by IIM Indore for after 12th students are still massively sought by many. And why is that? Read further to find out.

There are many features and factors involved in the reason for the preference for IPM-IIM Indore. However, the main pillar of IPM- IIM Indore is the curriculum. The program offered isn’t just another Bachelor of Business Administration. The main force behind the IPM program is a strong foundation build. Management Program involves breaking down and consuming the knowledge around economics, psychology, and mathematics- the subjects that revolve around these pillars include sociology, behavioral science, statistics, physics, accounting, and other basic management subjects. Aside from imparting the academic knowledge, the IPM program also comes with internship programs that are designed to equip the students with further practical knowledge like social concerns.

Another added perk of joining the IPM-IIM Indore is that after one successfully completes the first three years (bachelors), the next two years will automatically become the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP). Students who are continuing their academic year after graduation will be enrolled together with the students who have secured admission by clearing CAT.

The career horizon is further broadened for students who have completed their graduation from IIM Indore itself. The placement cycle performed in the institute is common for both CAT-cleared students and IPM-IIM Indore 5-year continuing students. The domestic salary package through placements is as high as 30-40 lakhs which is a very impressive factor.

When it comes to exposure, it definitely needs a shedding of light on it. Given the many interactions between the institute and large corporates, the exposure level is massively huge. Also, because of the extended span of five academic years, the exposure level isn’t just limited to corporates alone but to peers as well. Students meet different kinds of people, thereby learning through one another new things and new culture. Such kind of environment automatically grooms the individual living in it which is a very important quality not just for succeeding in the career field, but it is handy as a life tool too.


The competition is only increasing, more and more students are opting for management course directly after the 12th standard (which is a pretty smart move). However, just because the competition is getter higher, it doesn’t mean one should feel threatened or doubt their ability to achieve.  If management program is what you’ve set your eyes and heart on, then IPM-IIM Indore course is a course you definitely do not want to miss giving a try.