FYJC CET 2021: Importance and Preparation tips


FYJC CET 2021 Importance and Preparation tips

Admission process in Maharashtra for 11th class Admission through FYJC CET

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  • Optional CET 2021 for 11th Admission
  • How to prepare for CET
  • Prepare for the exam with a little patience in mind
  • Use a few simple tips to prepare for the CET


XYX Student has to start preparing for the next exam instead of celebrating the fact that he has passed the exam with 96.5% marks. So it’s a bit hilarious. Such is the situation of many. Glad to have no board exams. But now they are upset with the idea of ​​having to take a general entrance test (CET) across the state for the 11th admission.

Many students are getting stressed and anxious that they will have to take the entrance exam even if they get the desired marks. And the exam said it would take preparation. Those who are on separate boards will also have to study the SSC board, which is another important point.

The stress of class X is completely gone, the joy of passing, the admission to a favorite course, the excitement of going to college can all make it difficult to prepare for the wait. Here are some tips to help you cope with the CET.


  • There are only four subjects to study – Mathematics, Science, Sociology, English – learn this and start preparing accordingly.
  • (If separate board) Find common topics and lessons and prepare accordingly.
  • Use the question bank and solve the given MCQ’s
  • Create a schedule.
  • Analyze yourself. Understand your own strengths and easy / time consuming topics.
  • If new concepts are vague, try to understand them.
  • Even if you find it repetitive, try to focus and study for the exam.
  • You can refer to the study material available online.
  • Understand the pattern of the exam.
  • Don’t be overconfident about your preparation.
  • Don’t neglect CET preparation as you get good marks
  • Allocate specific hours for study. Take short breaks and then resume your preparations.
  • Do not believe any rumors about the examination method or marking system. Get the right information from the right authorities.
  • FYJC CET 2021 EXPERT help :https://www.careerlauncher.com/cbse-ncert/fyjc/

Don’t be overwhelmed by the results, prepare for the exam with a little patience in mind. Remember that you still have time to prepare well for the exam. The CET is being conducted for the first time. So it is natural to be nervous and confused. But do not let this affect your preparation. Even if you decide to take a specific course / career, don’t forget that this exam is important for admission. Even if you get bored of repeating your studies, don’t forget that doing this exam will help you increase your chances of getting admission in your favorite college.