What is a good GMAT score for students with international B-School ambitions?


Are you preparing for GMAT this year? If you are, you have already taken the first step towards attaining your goal i.e. putting in the hard work. However, hard work alone is not enough. You need to have a good strategy. You need to prepare better. And we are here to help you with this process. This blog revolves around the question: “What is a good GMAT score?” and we hope to answer this question in this blog.

Preparing for GMAT means competing internationally

Without a good GMAT score, you can’t so much as hope to get into top business schools in the world. And truth be told, the competition is tough. After all, students from around the world are competing to get into the coveted business schools in the world. This means that the pressure of getting a good GMAT score is high. And the competition is even higher.

Top International B-schools like Stanford and Harvard accept a GMAT score of 710

Top business schools in the world such as Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD, ISB, and many others hover around 710 out of a total of 800. Clearly, GMAT is extremely competitive. In fact, the 710 GMAT score translates to a percentile figure of about 94 and above, which is quite respectable.

The average student scores about 540 marks out of a total of 800 in GMAT

Now here comes the game changer. An average student often scores around 540 marks in GMAT. This is not even close to the highly challenging 710 score that International B-schools look for in an applicant. So where does that leave our friends who score the real average GMAT score?

So, what would qualify as a good GMAT score?

There is no perfect answer to this question. It all depends on which business school you aspire to study in.  So, we advise you to find the average GMAT score of the B-school you aim to go to and base your plan around that figure.But, having said that, you should know that top B-Schools consider a score of at least 600 as competitive. More importantly, the higher your GMAT score, the better your percentile is as compared to your competition, and the thus, the higher are your chances of getting into top international B-schools! Our advise? Prepare well, and try to score as high as you possibly can.

Finally, what GMAT score should you aim for?

In our expert opinion, a good GMAT score would imply that you score somewhere above 700. A score of around 600 will earn you a percentile of around 70. But a score of above 700 will earn you a 90 percentile which is what most top international B-schools demand. So if you are serious about getting into colleges like Harvard and Stanford, shoot for the moon!

Students at Career Launcher score an average GMAT score of 715

What is a good GMAT score? Most international B schools accept a GMAT score of over 700. Our students at Career Launcher have a track record of scoring 715 in GMAT.

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If you are preparing for GMAT, don’t panic. It is perfectly okay to feel a bit overwhelmed. But this does not mean that you are at liberty of staying that way. You need to up your GMAT preparation and work to get the perfect GMAT score that you are aiming for.

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