Vocational training can be a success mantra for life

Instead of studying aimlessly to earn a living, acquire specialized skills for your dream job

Vocational training can be a success mantra for life

“Where the needs of the world and your talent cross, there lies your vocation.”- Aristotle

Thousands of students are churned out each year from schools, colleges and universities. After acquiring their degrees, students reckon themselves to be fit for white collar jobs only. Instead of studying aimlessly to earn a living for their families and spending years in colleges and university, students should be guided properly. They should regulate or shape their thoughts and look forward to train themselves to acquire specialized skills for their dream job.

Majority of youth is caught in wrong jobs. They are in it for the sake of money, job, professional compromise or lack of alternatives. Pursuing vocational education helps you to land in your dream job. It purports to prepare individual for jobs that are based on practical and manual activities and is traditionally non-academic in nature.

To help students get ready for corporate world, Career Launcher is sharing a few perspectives on prominence of vocational education.

  • Job preparedness:Vocational education is an introduction of the work environment enabling you to adapt the corporate world much faster. Also known as job oriented education, it helps you to set up your own establishments at a comparatively lower age by providing skills in a particular field. These courses also provide job security. The industries before recruiting young students conduct tests and provide specialized training. They also provide salary/stipend that certainly boosts confidence level among youth making them feel ‘Ready’.
  • Improves social profile: You can improve your social profile and communication skills with the help of vocational training. You are provided training with different kinds of people. This exposure enables you to come out of your shell, interact with different people and gel up with them. Thus, helping you grow as an individual and building up your social profile.
  • Improves learnedness: Every student has a different style of learning. Schools, unfortunately, fails to see that and judge them on the basis of their academic marks. Some students simply understand a concept by reading but, some want need to dig deeper, research and analyze to get conceptual clarity. Going for a vocational training in the subjects, you are weak at, is beneficial as it gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.
  • Breaking humdrum: As a human, you need a break from your routine studies and daily schedules. Though there are holidays but normal study routine gets monotonous. Vocational education breaks this monotony. Going to a vocational training program is fun and exciting as you can directly apply acquired knowledge by hands-on work activity. It gives you post school exposure and help amp up your resume.
  • Expands thinking:Vocational education urges you to focus on less trivial issues and expand your critical thinking. These training involve active participation and skillful conceptualization of things. It also involves observation, analysis, and evaluation of information. This continuous exercise of the brain helps you to develop your thinking ability.

To summarize, vocational education teaches you the importance of manual work, makes you responsible and independent. Basically, it prepares you for a job not college.

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