Time Management in SSC CGL Tier-I

Time Management in SSC CGL Tier-I

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” – Thomas Edison.

Time management in SSC CGL Tier-I exam just got more crucial this year onwards. As per the notification released by SSC, the time duration for SSC CGL Tier-I 2017 has been reduced to 60 minutes, which is 15 minutes less than what it used to be till 2016. This makes time management in SSC CGL Tier-I exam an important key to achieving success.

Before we move on to discuss our time management strategy for SSC CGL Tier-I 2017, let us have a look at the paper pattern:

Subject Number of Questions Marks Time
General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 50 Composite Duration:

60 minutes.

General Awareness 25 50
Quantitative Aptitude 25 50
English Language 25 50
Total 100 200 60 minutes


Out of these 60 minutes, if a candidate keeps aside 10 minutes for reading questions, switching between sections and last minute cross checking, it leaves him/her with 50 minutes only. 50 minutes for 200 questions leaves candidates with half a minute per question. But, then the good news is:

  1. There is no sectional cut off;
  2. There is no sectional time limit.

BUT remember there is ¼ mark negative marking too.

Which means you can spend your time the way which works the best for you.

Now that we know time management in SSC CGL Tier-I exam is very important the question that arises is how to decide time allocation strategy for the exam? The best way to decide time strategy is by writing mock test and analyzing them, after a few such mocks you will be able to identify your strong and weak areas and accordingly you can decide how much time you want to give to each section. Let us understand this is detail:

  1. If your accuracy in any one section is low in comparison to other sections then you should only give that section time which is required to solve the questions that you are sure of;
  2. General Awareness is one section wherein you should not spend more than 10 minutes. As in the first glance to the section you will know which questions you can answer correctly;
  3. You can always keep a few minutes reserved for your strong section. A section where your accuracy and score have always been on a higher side. It will only be wise to spend some extra time there to increase your score;
  4. In case you get stuck in a question, leave it and move on to the next one. Don’t get tempted by the time that you have already spent on it;
  5. Always start with your strong section first then moving on second most strong and so on;
  6. The questions in English Language section come in a set pattern so with a proper preparation you can get a good hold over this section;
  7. Reading Comprehension passages of English Language section are generally direct and easy in nature. Attempting them will give you an edge as one RC will help you score 4-5 question at one go.

Hope these tips on how to do time management in SSC CGL Tier-I exam will help you. You still have a couple of weeks to go for this exam and hence you have time to device your time management strategy for SSC CGL Tier I. With proper preparation and a focus on synchronization between speed and accuracy you will surely achieve good results.

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Happy Preparations!!



  1. Negative marking is of 1/4 mark. Each question is of 2 marks and for every wrong answer your 0.5 mark gets deducted which makes it 1/4.