Syria, a playground for Big Powers!

Syria, a country in Western Asia is worst affected by IS driven terrorism and civil war that has displaced a large chunk of Syrian population. The Big Powers have manoeuvred the crisis in their own favour leaving this country in shambles.

Precarious situation in Syria.

Syria, known for prolonged civil war, blatant use of chemical weapons, irreparable loss of life and property with growing number of migrants each year is nothing more than a playground for big powers involved. The rules of game are subjective to each country leaving the people of Syria at the mercy of the power-game.

The Big Players

Russia, USA and Turkey aggravated the social crisis to gain political advantage in this significant country by deepening the inner strife, all at the cost of the innocent lives of many. Now, that the USA has decided to quit the country depicts nothing more than a capricious behaviour governed by whims and fancies than rationality.

Turkey and Kurds

Turkey which shares immediate border with Syria is wary of Kurds for their demand of autonomous Kurdistan. Kurds are ethnic population present in south-eastern Turkey, north-western Iran, northern Iraq, and northern Syria. Of lately there has been stronger demand by the Kurds for their own independent land.Interestingly, they played a vital role in wiping out the terrorism from Syrian soil by providing support to American army. But USA seems  to be in no mood to repay the Kurds with peace, stability and freedom.

Turkey, which considers Kurds as a potential threat to its sovereignty and territorial integrity is keeping an eagle’s eye to pounce on Kurds as and when the time is ripe.

Russia chose to be mum on this issue. This silence is adding to the woes of Syria.

A distant dream

Peace, progress and security is still a distant dream in Syria where inner socio-cultural fractures are paving way for the demons to find a place to dwell and thrive. So, Syria as country or nation has lost its sovereignty, integrity and nationality. Even after the end of civil war the condition is crucial and pathetic.

Those who have misused this piece of land for their own vested interest must now realise the significance of peace and security in this region. More chaos would do excessive damage to not just Syria but to other countries as well. Therefore, in order to establish long lasting stability, it is germane to take actions which are welfare oriented not interest driven.