Problems you might face while studying abroad

Challenges - studying abroad

Movies and TV series might have created a flattery image like high rise buildings, smooth paved roads with a happening crowd, and entertainment on the move every now and then. Being all set to study there, you must be very excited to experience all this. But the silver lining comes with a dark cloud and that’s what you should know, before you pack your bags. Well, its not a dark cloud per say but nothing is perfect. So, let’s take a look at the challenges you might have to face while studying abroad.


I’m sure you’ve heard about mood swings. A homesick swing is as literal as it sounds. You wake in the middle of the night to find yourself in a new place, there it is, the homesick swing. You’re watching a kid playing with his father and bang! There is the homesick swing. Its not permanent of course but depending on your attachment with your things, family, room or even the position of how things have been kept back home in your room, this feeling tends to come and go as you live away from the country.

Solution: Start addressing things and finding similarities in what you see in the daily lifestyle comparing it with your life at home. As soon as the homesickness kicks in, go to that place or do that thing which makes you feel comfortable.


This is a common one. The FLO (Feeling Left Out) feeling is something that is completely normal. It is just that people have not known you for long and do not have much to talk with you, except the few lame questions like “Where are you from?” or “How is the weather out there usually?”
Yes, I am from this country and the weather is good there.  You do not have much to talk about apart from it; neither do you have any new friends.

Solution: It goes without saying that you need to start socializing. Take the first step to introduce your self and get to know  others. One thing leads to another and you will be talking to them in no time feeling like a part of the group.


You are now in a country where language and culture are a part of their lifestyle and not yours. This means you feel like an outsider or possibly an alien in the country. You might want to get used to the things but you are not comfortable with the way people don’t understand that you want to learn and adapt. This can be very irritating.

Solution: There are two solutions to this. You either find someone who is willing to teach you about culture or find someone who is willing to learn about the culture the way you do. This gives you a companion to learn from and make you two of a kind. Thus, eliminating your loneliness.


This one is a crazy and rare situation that comes up when you have adapted to the norms and culture of the country you are studying in. You just don’t want to go home. Yes, it is possible. You now love this country and want to stay here forever. Well, it is kind of a drawback to the ones expecting you back home.

Solution: Make a return home trip every now and then. Spend time with your family; visit for a little time whenever possible. This way the fun and love from the family tends to keep your heart at home and at the same time make you feel special when you return  abroad.

It is easy to find problems every now and then. What matters is finding a solution to them so that your life is happy go lucky as it was back home, helping you to study and achieve what you always wanted.