The secret for effective exam preparation

The secret for effective exam preparation

Preparing for competitive exams is a rigorous task. Planning eases the process and helps you tide over difficult times but this alone doesn’t ease the journey. While the need to work hard and put in long hours on the study table cannot be underestimated, it’s important to judiciously plan your study with regular breaks to rejuvenate your mind and body. So, here are some ways to boost your preparation and be more effective in your exam preparation –

Plan a timetable:

The first step is to design a timetable for each day of the week. Only that will help you to cover the vast syllabus in the stipulated time. While creating your timetable, be sure to add periodic breaks. Breaks at regular intervals are essential for a healthy mind and help to reduce stress.  The best way is to start early when your mind is fresh and can retain more, much faster. However, that being said, there are people who are night owls and are more productive during the night. So, if you study late at night, make it a point to have at least six hours of sleep before you start with the books again.

In between the study hours:

As said, it is important to take periodic breaks. During this time, do what you enjoy the most. Be it listening to music or chatting with your friends or family. Have a healthy snack or some fruits and if it is evening, go out for a walk in a nearby park. The important thing is to put your books aside and keep your mind away from studies. If you can spare enough time, take a longer break and find some time for your preferred hobby. This will maximise your performance.

Adopt innovative study techniques:

Use the latest technology to help you exercise your grey cells and study without losing the interest, hence, helping you be more productive. There are several apps that can help you learn new ways to speed up learning and test your knowledge. Then there are other apps to boost your General Knowledge or for those preparing for Bank or SSC Exams, which offer updated news and useful tips. The content is available in English and Hindi and usually, includes mock tests and e-books that can also be accessed offline once they are downloaded. The apps also have announcement notifications that provide the latest news on the upcoming exams.

During the exams:

You may be tempted to study till the bell rings to enter the examination room. However, the better option is to enter the examination hall with a calm state of mind. Put your books away at least 30 minutes before the paper and take some time to relax your mind. It’s important to give your mind a break so that you are fresh enough to think clearly during the exam. After one exam is over, you will probably get some time before the next paper. Once a paper is over, don’t rush into the preparation for the next one. Instead, let your mind settle and then start studying for the next paper.

Mock tests:

Remember to take mock tests during your preparation period. Practice is the key to success in any exam. There are a number of question banks available for previous years’ papers. These question banks will give you an idea of what type of questions to expect and also help you build your speed.  Nothing boosts your speed better than mock tests.

Exam days are all about being productive. The more you plan, the more productive your study is. It’s more important to study smart, rather than just study hard. Surely, this must put you in-line with your preparation and help you plan better.

Happy Studying!



  1. how to make timetable ? help me with an example timetable for night studies from 6.00pm to 12.00
    then from 9.00am to 4.00pm .