Pre-qualify for corporate hiring with TCS Ion-CCQT Assessment Exam.


In an era where every second person is as brilliant as the first, competition has dramatically elevated to an intensity like never before. It has thus become vital to be ten steps ahead of the competition to beat the competition. Most students today are taking the TCS Ion-CCQT assessment test to get recognized by top companies. They are on the right track in the excruciating journey of accomplishing their career dreams; the question is, are you?

What is CCQT:

For those who don’t already know, CCQT stands for Common Corporate Qualifier Test. It is a TCS Ion-administered 2 stage qualification assessment that is considered an ultimate test of your knowledge, and its application in areas that matter to top MNCs. CCQT is acknowledged and increasingly used as a yardstick by top corporate bodies for their recruitment needs. If you have the ambition to gain visibility among the most sought-after Corporate Recruiters, then CCQT is the test for you.

Why you need CCQT:

Whether you are an MBA graduate, or a tech graduate, or any other regular graduate, there is no sure shot guarantee that you will get employed in the company of your dreams. You need to distinguish yourself and stand out to demonstrate that you are the right fit for the job. Getting a high score in the CCQT Exam gives you that extra edge you need to stand out and make your career dream of working in your dream company a reality.

Why you should train at Career Launcher:

Career Launcher is the only TCS Certified Training Partner of the CCQT Exam and is thus, a distinguished player in this industry. Being in the education industry for about two decades, it is the premier go-to place for all your career related needs. Career Launcher is also AICTE Certified: a national-level council for technical education, under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, which means that its marked with the seal of recognition by an educational body of national stature and thus stands as a hallmark of educational exceptionalism.

Why wait for a call from your dream company when you can enjoy the privilege of seeing your dream company call you? This is what CCQT can do for your career. Make the first move for your success and enroll for the only training prep provider for this assessment today.