NTA Releases Practise JEE Mock Tests

JEE Main 2019 Mock Tests
JEE Main 2019 Mock Tests
The National Testing Agency (NTA), is conducting the second window of the JEE Mains entrance examinations from 7th April till 12th April 2019. It has announced that it is helping the JEE Main April 2019 aspirants by providing practise JEE Main Mock Tests. These tests are question papers of previous years so that the candidates-
(i) Understand the methodology of Computer-Based Tests (CBTs), being followed by NTA  for JEE Main
(ii) Practice on some old JEE Main Question Papers and get to know the score achieved through them.
The practise JEE Mock Tests is available at The test can be performed online. Candidates can also download the test and practise it offline at home or anywhere. The practise JEE mock tests uploaded include the actual JEE Main papers of the first window which was conducted in January 2019.
In order to help limited candidates who do not have access to PC/Laptop/smartphones/internet at home, NTA has established more than 4000 Test Practice Centres (TPCs) across India, wherein candidates can register & NTA shall deploy them to a TPC, wherein she/he can solve the practise JEE mock tests for three hours a shift, without any charges.  Usually, one shift is conducted on Saturdays and two shifts are conducted on Sundays. Therefore, such candidates, if interested are invited to go to the link- www.ntatpcsr.in and fill in their information, so that NTA can assign one of the TPC at a location convenient to the candidate.
We wish you the best of luck, for the forthcoming JEE Main Test. Please write to us in the comments below if you have any queries or feedback!