Passing Criteria for CBSE Class X students

Passing Criteria for CBSE Class X students

The Central Board of Secondary Education has extended the passing criteria that it had adopted for the Class X students of the 2018 batch. It will now be applicable to Class X students of the 2019 batch and all future batches as well. The passing criteria that was used for the 2018 batch of Class X students is as follows –

  1. The students who appeared in the exams, had to obtain a minimum of 33% of the total marks ie the sum of the marks in the internal assessment (Practicals) and the Board exam in a subject, to pass instead of obtaining 33% in the Board exam as well as the internal assessment separately, as was the case in the previous years.
  2. In case of a candidate being absent in Practical / internal assessment, the marks are treated as zero and the result is computed accordingly.

Earlier, students had to obtain a minimum of 33% in their practicals as well as the Board exam. The relaxation of this criteria means that they only have to get 33% marks overall. For example, most subjects have an internal assessment of 20 marks and the Board exam is of 80 marks. A student with 5 marks in the internals and 30 in the board exam would not be able to pass as his percentage in the internals was less than 33%. But with the new rules, the student would pass as his overall percentage is still above 33%. Now, students will feel less burdened as it’s easier for them to pass and the overall  passing percentage numbers will improve as well.

CBSE has also announced that the Board examinations this year will be conducted slightly earlier than usual. The papers of the  Vocational subjects will be conducted in the later half of February while the papers of the Core subjects will be held in March. This has been done to comply with the Delhi High Court order which directed the Delhi University as well as CBSE to make sure that the results of the CBSE Board exam, including re-evaluations are taken into account while deciding the cut-off dates for admission into the colleges of Delhi University. The exact dates are expected to be out by December.  The dates will be posted here as soon as they are out so keep checking this section for regular updates.

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