MBA + GMAT: The Best of Both Worlds


Have you taken a shot in the dark and wonder if you’re limiting your potential by pursuing MBA alone? While graduating from one of the top B-Schools in the country is an admirable milestone, with thousands of students flooding the B-Schools every year, won’t that make you one more candidate in a long queue?

What exactly is the key to standing out from the rest of many brilliant MBA graduates? It’s simple. Add GMAT to your credentials!

Did you know that GMAT percentile of 96–97 will allow you to knock the doors of prestigious Business Schools like Harvard, Stanford, etc.? Or that the median and average annual base compensation offered to the management graduates from these institutes is an astounding $140,000 or more?

An MBA degree colored with GMAT is clearly a heavenly reward, and we want to have that!
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Bonomi Murumi
Executive Marketing, Career Launcher