How is life at a Law school?

Life at a law school
Life at a law school

While preparing for law entrance exams, have you ever wondered -How is life at a Law school?

“What do lawyers learn in Law school? They learn to win” - Ben Carson

We’ve all heard stories of different law schools across the country. Be it relatives, friends, family or even media for that matter, everyone has their own version. So, for the next few minutes, I want you to scratch out what you’ve heard about a law school and get an insight into how would be your life at a law school.

  1. Go with the flow “You will meet students coming from different backgrounds and each with a different level of understanding, motivation and goals. Entering such an environment can be very overwhelming. Relax, settle down and go with the flow.
  1. Education is important; Extra-curricular is important- – Legal academia is vast, expansive and full of learning. Time management plays an important role when it comes to studying at a law school. Every aspiring lawyer knows the value of burning night lamps, the hard work, and dedication, but, let me point out why it is absolutely indispensable to participate in extra-curricular activities throughout your law school journey.

As a lawyer or an aspiring one, you will be subjected to detailed and delicate information. As this information floods your mind, a release is necessary. Extra-curricular participation is a way to manage this largely overcrowded space inside the mind and relax the mind. Everyone has hobbies, which may range from reading, writing or art to a physical sport such as football or cricket. So, continue doing what you love and you’ll end up loving what you do.

  1. Reading is the way of life at a law school – I want to rephrase the famous quote, “Books are man’s best friend”, to “Books are a lawyer’s best friend”. You read it right; law studies involve a lot of reading. By the end of the course, one is accustomed to reading voraciously. Reading is almost like an art in a law school because of the incredibly thick legal books and long library hours clocked.
    Although your seniors would advise you on what to read and how to go about picking up facts and figures without digging unnecessarily deep into those giant books, it does take the time to get the hold of it. You will be surprised by the number of books you would have read by the end of the course and it’ll definitely feel like quite an achievement!
  1. Overcoming Language Barriers – With regions preferring their own local language as a medium of communication, students sometimes forget how important it is to master their control over the universal language, English.
    Having a good command over the English language, in itself, is an added bonus and makes you stand out of the crowd. With more and more private firms offering fruitful positions, this plays an important role.
  1. A law school is where you want to be – A lot of people have perceptions about the law school and most of these include big books, libraries and lots of studies. Surely, becoming a lawyer demands a lot of perseverance and hard work, but then again, which field doesn’t? Just like any other industry, the law industry has a lot to offer to its current and prospective students.

Once you enter a law school, everything is so intriguing that you will be left asking for more! So gear up for the next academic session and cherish your life at a law school.

Are you nervous, excited about entering a law school? Share your thoughts, questions in the comments given below.

Hope you enjoy every bit of your life at a law school…:)




  1. Is it the good idea to drop a year for clearing clat or if I m getting admission in Punjab university this year only.

    • Dear Adarsh,
      You have to take the decision. See if you can prepare for CLAT, while studying at Punjab university, then you can do so. Otherwise, you could consider to drop and prepare hard for CLAT. You can definitely get better opportunities and exposure in top NLUs.