Jigyasa: Daily Current Affairs Quiz of Oct.24, 2015

Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Dear Aspirants,

Here is the Jigyasa: Daily Current Affairs Quiz of Oct.24, 2015 for you!!

  1. Which of the following bodies of India recently decided that the law on equal right for daughters over property is prospectively enforceable and not with retrospective effect?

1)            The Parliament

2)            The Supreme Court

3)            The National Human Rights commission

4)            The Central Administrative Tribunal

Answer: 2

  1. The Government of India has decided to give Indian citizenship to Adnan Sami, a singer, who belongs to

1)            Bangladesh

2)            Syria

3)            Pakistan

4)            Afghanistan

Answer: (3)

  1. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India?

1)            Sekhar Basu

2)            R.K. Sinha

3)            K. Radhakrishnan

4)         Vijay Kumar Saraswat

Answer: (1)

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Tribal University is to be shifted from its present situation. It is situated at

1)            Jaipur

2)            Jodhpur

3)            Jaisalmer

4)            Udaipur

Answer: (4)

  1. The venue of the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit is

1)            Nairobi

2)            Cap town

3)            Ahmedabad

4)            New Delhi

Answer: (4)

  1. Al-Aqsa mosque, which was recently in news, is situated in

1)            Saudi Arab

2)            Israel

3)            United Arab Emirates

4)            Yemen

Answer: (2)

  1. Brett McGurk has been named as new envoy for anti-IS campaign by which of the following countries?

1)            Russia

2)            United Kingdom

3)            United states

4)            Turkey

Answer: (3)

  1. According to a report, released by BoFA-ML, India is set to grow at 7.4 per cent in the current financial year. BoFA-ML is a banking organisation of

1)            United States

2)            Germany

3)            United Kingdom

4)            African Union

Answer: (1)

  1. Paytm, a leading mobile payment and e-commerce platform, has tied up recently with which of the following banks to offer mobile wallet top up facility through bank ATMs?

1)            Bank of Baroda

2)            Bank of Maharashtra

3)            Kotak Mahindra Bank

4)            Punjab and Sind Bank

Answer: (2)

  1. Recently the Board of Control for Cricket of which of the following countries decided to bring its administrators under the disciplinary ambit of the Ombudsman?

1)            India

2)            Pakistan

3)            Bangladesh

4)            Sri Lanka

Answer: (1)

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